2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: September

September 2020

I swear, the first week of every month this past year has been off to a bad start. Similar to what happened back in June, the stock market took a fat fall. After NASDAQ hit 12k for the first time, almost every sectors dropped badly. Dow Jones fell 800 points and NASDAQ fell 600 points. My only assumption for this was that investors were starting to take their profits and go. NASDAQ took the worst hit. Cryptocurrency was down too. This was when I panic sold all of my positions in Chainlink. I was at $35,000 and didn’t sell and ended up selling at $20,000. Fucking A. I’d call this picture, RAINING BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

As I started to get comfortable again at my job, I began to start losing interest in everything that I was doing. I love shoes but at the same time I hated shoes. I hated looking at them. They just remind me that I can never get further in life if I was to continue doing this. My friends were able to get well paying jobs at well known companies after college and here I am. Of course I’m young but I hated this thought. This was the moment when I realized that I was too comfortable with where I’m at and I had to get out. The first thing that I did was I was able to sell a majority of my shoes that I had invested on throughout the years and transferred the funds to my stocks. After that, I felt nothing again. I felt depressed and lost. I didn’t eat that much during September. The lightest I ever weighed was when I hit 135 pounds. I just simply didn’t eat. I decided that I had to get out of my company and figure out what to do next.

And that’s where I decided to attend a coding bootcamp through UC Berkeley. A $13000 investment that I would have to pay off myself. I wanted to feel uncomfortable again, something that would motivate me to do new things in life. Yeah I am lucky to have a job right now during this pandemic, but if I wasn’t happy with where I am, then what’s the point of working?

Anyways, onto slightly better news, we had constant fires up in NorCal and in SoCal, resulting in a week of smoky days. It was literally ashy everyday. Hard to breathe and not worth the run outside. The air quality was horrible, reaching higher than 150 at some time.

There was this viral photo going around on Twitter. This picture was taken in Oregon, near where the fire had started. Whole lotta red as I would like to call it. No edits at all. People online were comparing this moment to the movie Blade Runner 2049, where the atmosphere of the movie was red/orange in the near future. It was truly an apocalyptic look. Something you’d only see in the theaters but not in real life.

Trump and his administration were also supposed to ban all Chinese related communication apps: mainly Tik Tok and WeChat. There were many companies that were speculated to take over Tik Tok. Walmart had grown interest in it but backed out. Oracle ended up being the winner in the “bidwar” for Tiktok, but nothing really happened. The stock price didn’t go up. In fact, after this news I don’t recall anything major happening with Oracle and Tik Tok.

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