2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: May

May 2020

So lemme talk about the importance of gambling. It’s bad, don’t do it. Tesla reported earnings on the last day of April I believe and knowing my habit, I LOVE gambling during ER. Horrible horrible habit. I didn’t think I’d lose since I thought Tesla was going to kill earnings. They did in the AFTER HOURS, but the next day, Elon had a twitter meltdown and started tweeting like crazy. Also, some analysts called Elon out for fraud, which also made the stock tumble after earnings. I lost $7k from that. It was a tough day. I was just quiet all day and didn’t bother eating. Don’t think I’ve ever lost this much money within less than 24 hours.

The shit that Elon Musk posts makes me cry. I remember couple years ago he posted on Twitter saying that he was about to make Tesla go private, which resulted in him getting a lot of trouble. The mans ended up getting SUED by the SEC for that comment. And after earnings, he posted this on twitter which was a basic fuck you to his company. Looking back at this tweet, I can’t really argue with that statement.

I believe May was when I started exercising. I told myself that it’s time for a change and I didn’t want to be that fat guy that everyone knew. I gained a lot of weight throughout last year. At one point I weighed around 165 pounds. That was my peak and I never want to do that again. This happened because when I was working 5/6 days a week, I would eat out almost everyday and not exercise at all. I started running outside during the month of May since I broke the treadmill a while back. Prior to breaking my treadmill at home, I broke a personal record for the fastest mile.

Speaking about work, May was the last month of me working at Solestage Irvine. I kinda saw the closure of this store coming but damn. I guess COVID was a perfect excuse to finally call this place wraps. Anyways, I was assigned to help clear out the store as much as I can before May 15th, which was the last day of our lease. To top it off, my boss told me to do this all by myself. Man this was the worst thing ever. Clearing out 1000+ items for the store’s inventory and consigner’s inventory was a mess. I had to ask my brother and my coworker to come in occasionally to help me. The shitty part is that both of them didn’t get paid, as I was tasked to do this all by myself. I just thought that wasn’t fair but hey what can I do about it. It was bittersweet in the end. Made a lot of new friends throughout my 1.5 years working here in Irvine. My coworkers became my brothers and that’s something I wouldn’t complain about working here. The relationships were worth the commute everyday. So after clearing out the Irvine store, I quickly began to realize that there was a reason why I was only tasked to clean out the store by myself. No one else made the cut. My 4 other coworkers basically got terminated and the reasoning behind this was “COVID-19 FEAR RESULTED IN STORE CLOSURE”. However for me, I was offered a job to work at the Fairfax location. I accepted it back then since we were just working on inventory for the time being. There was no plans of going back to the store quite yet so the Fairfax workers all had to work inside the warehouse. End of an era I’d say.

Turmoil started to breakout during the last week of May. In the United States, we saw another black man, George Floyd, had his life taken away from him due to horrible police procedures. Police brutality to the extreme. The cop who had his knee on Floyd’s neck, Derek Chauvin, thought it was no problem. How fucking stupid is that right? And when the video surfaced that Floyd was pleading for breath, Chauvin refused. Seconds later, you can see the body move lifelessly as Chauvin decided to remove his knee. Prior to this, a video surfaced of a black teenager naemd Ahmaud Arbery who was shot by 2 white males. Arbery was just jogging down the street. What sickened me/others as well was that this incident occurred back on February 2020. It didn’t reach national headlines until 3 MONTHS AFTER.

With the continuing growing inequality of Police brutality and how African Americans are treated, the death of George Floyd sparked protests across the world. As with people protesting, there were many individuals that decided to take this to the next level and started looting stores. So many stores across the world were ransacked by these looters. These looters have NO intention of protesting for a good cause. Talk about Black Lives Matter when these looters used this important event and make others look bad by looting. What’s worse is that some of the stores that these looters have ransacked are unable to continue operations due to the damages. That sickens me.

Fairfax was getting looted like crazy. One of the biggest looting that I’ve ever seen before in my life happened to FlightClub, a well-known consignment store that built its name and reputation up from the ground. Their Los Angeles store was completely emptied out. Shoes totalling millions of dollars gone within a day due to these assholes taking advantage of the protest and decided to loot for their own cause. The stupidest part? These looters thought they were slick by listing looted items for sale on Offerup and Facebook. It was too suspicious to randomly see some expensive shoes for sale on the feed.

Because of all the looters ruining the situation at the time, we had a week where there was a curfew from 6pm to 5am. Literally no one could be out during those times. I’m 100% all for protesting. There has to be changed made now. This has been an ongoing problem for the past decade and there has been 0 changes to help mitigate it. Black lives still matters and I hope many people didn’t forget about that.

As an Asian-American, I can say proudly that most traditional parents do not see the importance of the BLM movement. I’ve heard stories where the parents would be very ignorant towards their children and berate them for supporting the cause. Different generations caused a problem as they (older generations) are less likely to see the importance of BLM. Heck, I’ve heard of some of my friend’s parents that calls all protestors looters. Despite this, I’d say BLM movement really showed people’s true colors.

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