2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: March

March 2020

MARCH 2020

Things started to slightly pick up as far as the coronavirus scare. #1 hand sanitizers along with toilet papers were out of stock. I mean with a flu that’s currently ongoing, out of every other product in the world, why did US AMERICANS decided that stocking up on toilet paper was necessary? As tensions/fear started to grow, xenophobia started to get out of hand. There were early speculations of how the Corona virus started. It was a mix of an “outbreak gone wrong in Wuhan” or “locals in Wuhan eating bats”. The latter part pretty much gave non-Asians a reason to attack us for no reason. Out of pure racism. What was worse? Our current president decided to take in the joke and called the coronavirus as “kung flu”. Pretty pathetic. Back then, China was #1 with the most cases, so many ignorant people thought it would be okay to suddenly use xenophobia as an excuse to hate on Asians, specifically Chinese people.

Seattle was growing to be a hot spot during the early times. Seattle back then had the most deaths, leading to the US having a total of 6 deaths during then. OC had 2 cases then too, which started to have me worried for a bit.

I remember only working for 2 weeks before there was a mandated lockdown in the following weeks. Prior to the lockdown, many stores had started to close up temporarily. It wasn’t till the mid-month of March where my boss told me that we would go back to work at the end of the month. I thought that was pretty cool. Having 10 days off was fine with me. I actually really enjoyed the first couple of days. It was perfect because I had just finished Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and was anticipating for the release of Animal Cross New Horizons.

I thought hey, I’m not going to be able to have another 10 days off from work so might as well utilize my time now to get some sleep and play some games. And that’s exactly what I did. All I played during the last weeks of March was Animal Crossing. In fact, I think almost all of my friends hopped on that game. Even those that didn’t have a Nintendo Switch went out to buy one just to play the game. Animal Crossing is the TRUE definition of quarantine-gaming.

Amidst all this COVID-19 scare, our grandmother had to stay with us for a couple weeks since my cousin came back from Hawaii and had to quarantine himself. Enjoy this image of my grandmother and my dog Maxie. Absolutely adore this photo.

Lil Uzi Vert’s highly anticipated album Eternal Atake FINALLY released after so many years of speculation. Thought the album was mediocre at most. The following week, he released a deluxe album with 14 brand new tracks. Mediocre again, but I liked 3 songs from the deluxe. Overall, couldn’t expect that much coming from Lil Uzi Vert.

I also ended up buying a brand new 15inch Macbook Pro. My old macbook wasn’t working anymore and I wanted something new. I’m still kind of salty that I should’ve just ordered it online where I could customize my Macbook, but I didn’t. The lack of patience in me ended up buying one from Bestbuy.

And with the lockdown happening, the stock market took a plunge. Dow Jones had hit down to 18,000 points. EVERYTHING was red. I remember a couple days prior to every market crashing (stocks, crypto, etc), I had initially put $5k worth into Chainlink. Horrible timing, but I kinda wish I had bought more during then. Those that bought $SPY puts basically became rich within a day. This was how the market looked like on March 16.

Those puts PRINTED. Literally everything was red during that week. I believe we had a circuit breaker occur FOUR times during March. March 9, 12, 16, and 18. Stock prices, crypto prices, and oil prices fell dramastically. Everything was so cheap. I wish I had invested in many stocks back then. Who would’ve thought that we would recovery and transition to a K-shaped recovery even with an ongoing pandemic and high unemployment rates.

One thing I wanted to mention too. During the last week of March, freeways were empty. It seemed like a ghost town. Driving to Irvine took me less than 40 minutes from SGV. I wasn’t even speeding. There were legit less than 10 cars on the road. It was pretty spooky at the time. I say this because I had to go back to my store and empty out everything inside. Basically had to clean everything out by hiding everything inside the store. After 10 hours, I was able to make it work. I was tasked to do this in case people were going to loot stores when they were abandoned during the time. Luckily I didn’t hear about any looting during the quarantine.

Besides playing Animal Crossing at the time and slowly getting back into League of Legends, the first couple days of quarantine I was just snacking on food non stop. No exercise at all. There was a period when it was heavy raining during March. Heavy raining in fact that 3 of my shoes that I left inside the garage ended up with water damage + mold. Pretty brutal.

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