2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: June

June 2020

For the month of June, I don’t really remember what I did if I’m being completely transparent with you. The first week was still on edge with all of the lootings all around the world, but slowly died down. In California, lootings slowly died down but the amount of protests started to increase again. That was a good sign. I’m all for protests as long as its peaceful and not ruined by stupid looters. Meanwhile in Seattle, Washington CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) was established by George Floyd protestors. For a quick TLDR about CHAZ, here is what they wanted:

Aside all of the protests going on, it seemed that some cities in California were lifting the stay at home rules and not mandating face masks being worn in public. Of course, the first city to do this was Orange County. Orange County is basically Florida. People there don’t believe in wearing masks.

Stock markets tumbled again in June. Rising cases of COVID-19 started to fear off stockholders into selling off their equities. Luckily, the market ended up rebounding after the “Federal Reserve had announce that it would buy individual corporate bonds” (1).

The Last of Us Part 2 finally came out, and to no surprise, it was review bombed by a majority of “fans” that were disappointed by the story. So earlier in the year, there was a major leak containing screenshots/videos from TLOU P2, including one of the most beloved character from the first title Joel, to die at the hands of the new antagonist of the game. I understand the criticism of the game, but these “fans” took it to a new level by sending death threats to the company. Like at what point in life do you have to hit to be sending death threats to a game company? Extremely childish behavior.

I started to run more and more often during June, that I actually hit below 150 pounds for the first time in years. Prior to quarantine, I was hanging around 160-165 pounds. I couldn’t notice any physical change at first, but my parents slowly saw my transition and saw the weight loss process.

Oh yeah, June was the month where I started getting Clear Corrects. Clear Corrects are basically a cheaper alternative to Invisalign, but both of them offer the same product in the end. Initially, the first couple of days wearing these retainers were annoying me. My teeth was hurting, mouth sore, and had cankersores.

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