2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: July

July 2020

July was also one of those months where it had a rocky start. Prior to this month, my grandmother has been ill at home and been in & out staying at our home. My parents would constantly visit her everyday to see what the problem was. We assume it was depression since she was placed at my uncle’s house 24/7 and no relatives were allowed to visit her due to COVID-19. My dad alongside his brothers made the agreement to check my grandmother in the hospital. She was transferring back and forth to many different spots and it was all a big mess. During her time in these spots, her health was declining. It was getting worse every other day. My parents could already tell that she might not make it by the end of the month, and on July 21st, she peacefully passed away. This picture was taken earlier in the year but I wanna post it again since this is one of my favorite photos that I took of my grandmother.

Anyways, moving on to other things that won’t make me and the reader sad, one of the bigger US tensions that started in July was Trump looking to ban TikTok. Pretty crazy news, Trump wanted to ban TikTok alongside WeChat throughout the following months. Nothing really happened at all so luckily WeChat wasn’t banned. I could care less about TikTok. Another interesting thing that happened were the rumors/conspiracy theories that Wayfair was involved in child sex trafficking. Naming certain products on their website after certain children’s name raised a lot of eyebrows so this lasted for a good couple of weeks.

One of my cryptocurrency investments Chainlink started to blow up. My account was previously at $4k, and then it hit $14k ish within a week. I totally forgot about this. I remember spending around $5500 during the first week of March, and after everything took a hit, I stopped paying attention it. I began to slowly keep an eye on Chainlink, and it had one of the craziest runs from July to August.

On crazy stock news, remember that company KODAK? Yeah the same KODAK that manufactured cameras? Disposable cameras to be exact? Well yeah, so they received government support in an effort to start manufacturing tools/products to help aid against the pandemic. They received a $765 million loan to start manufacturing these products. What does this mean? Yeah because of this news, KODAK stock prices soared up to 880% the following morning after the news came out. KODK had less than a million volume prior to the news, and a couple days before the announcement, there was heavy buying volume for KODK. Insider trading at its finest. Almost a 2500% return within 5 days.

Another interesting move that happened relating to the stock market was that Apple announced a 4 for 1 stock split. The split was going to happen on August 31st.

I guess another important event that happened was that I started to blog again on my Wordspace. Being jobless got me very bored so I had to entertain myself by jotting down thoughts. Oh yeah, I mentioned that prior to the Irvine store closing back in May, I accepted a job offer to work as an Assistant Manager at the Fairfax location. Well this offer was short-lived. Near the end of July, I had a talk with my parents about my job and they wanted me to quit since they thought it wasn’t worth for me to risk my life during the pandemic. I thought about it for a while and I ended up declining the job offer again and told my employers that I would not want to work for now due to the ongoing pandemic.

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