2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: August

August 2020

There’s just something with the first week of every month (so far). The worst thing had happened. One day, my dog Maxie suddenly started to lose feelings in his back legs and couldn’t walk. It was very depressing to see him like this. He was dragging his legs around the floor, getting them scratched up and ignoring the wounds. Maxie started to become very thirsty and drank unusually more water than before. He was making a mess in the house since he lost control of his entire body. He couldn’t stand on his back legs for longer than 3 seconds. He was peeing but his lower body would get caught on to the mess. He only pooped once a day. It broke my heart seeing him like this. I had to drug him every night to make sure he was able to sleep. There were some nights where he didn’t want to sleep and he would pace himself around the room. And if he didn’t want to sleep, he was always breathing heavy. Always out of breath. To this day, my assumption is that he experienced a stroke which caused minor paralysis in his back legs. I wanted to do everything I could to help him. We got him a shitty wheelchair that only lasted 2 weeks for him.

A miracle literally happened. The thing that caught me off guard was that one day, I saw Maxie licking his legs again. After being in the wheelchair for 2 weeks, I could tell that he was slightly getting uncomfortable. I decided to take them off and see what he wanted. I saw him trying to walk again. I almost cried. And to this day, Maxie has been much stronger than before. What a miracle. I was like what? Am I seeing this correctly? MAXIE IS WALKING AGAIN?

Speaking on my Chainlink investment, my portfolio at one point went from $4k to $35k. Here’s my portfolio when it was at its peak.

Looking back, I should’ve definitely devested and claim profits early on. My parents and friends were telling me to do so, but the greed in me wanted to wait a bit longer. I thought that once Chainlink would hit $20, it would moon. I was wrong, it did the complete opposite. I had many opportunities to sell the coin at $18-$19 area, but I ended up selling them at $12.5 area, a month after since this was during the mini “crash” that occurred during the (you guessed it) first week of September. Least I still profited $16k from that investment, but I definitely would’ve loved having an extra $15k in my pocket had I sold all at $19.

Oh also, on the last day of August I gambled Zoom earnings and made $4000 in profits the next day. Pretty sick gains within less than 24 hours am I right?

I probably made one of the best purchases of my life and that was when I decided to buy an airfryer. Literally works like heaven. All junk food and frozen food airfried to perfection. The first snack that I airfried were some tater tots that turned out to be A1. During August I was obsessed with airfrying snacks left and right. I was mainly airfrying gyozas and fries.

On behalf of news, a celebrity’s death shocked me. Not only me, but almost everyone in the world. The sudden death of Chadwick Boseman caught everyone by surprise. Privately battling with Colon Cancer for 4 years, he was filming all his movies while going under treatment and surgery. It hit me worse too since my uncle recently passed away from colon cancer earlier in the year. I thought man, 2020 took away Black Mamba and now Black Panther. This year is really going in the books as the worst year of all time.

Obviously, living off of EDD wasn’t enough. There was a period during August where I started to think about if I wanted to go back to work. I didn’t formally quit, so I could still go back to work but I just kept on going back and forth with my thoughts. My boss actually texted me during the last week of August and offered me a position at the warehouse/office location. After discussing about my tasks and duties, I ended up accepting the job, in hopes that my job wouldn’t be too stressful.

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