2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: April

April 2020.

APRIL 2020

So lockdown had extended till April and it was wild. Almost 3.9 billion people were asked by their governments to stay at home. Only essential businesses were open. Even if they were open, most stores would have a strict curfew that closed stores at 8pm. Initially, I thought staying at home was an easy thing to do. It really wasn’t.

April was probably my most hardest month that I had to go through. My mental health was not good. The fact that a lockdown had to happen really messed my mental up. Initially, I didn’t think having a healthy mental was good for you, but boy was I wrong. I was at home almost 23.5 hours a day. You could only play games or watch videos for so long. I really got bored and had a lack of motivation. Soon, everything started to snowball and my thoughts got worse. I remember I started doubting myself. Why? I’m not too sure. I started to doubt my future. I basically had a quarter-life crisis during the lockdown. I couldn’t keep myself occupied during then so these thoughts would come back to me every night. “What are you doing with your life? Why are you not utilizing your B.S. degree? Are you ever going to find a girlfriend and start a family in the future? Are you going to be selling shoes for the rest of your life and not have a real/steady job?” I wanted lockdown to end. I couldn’t stand staying at home doing nothing. Every time I wanted to get some fresh air and walk outside, I’d see no one else on my street. Almost every store around my city had a mandatory curfew at 8pm, meaning no stores could be open after 8pm. I had to go out and see people. It just felt weird, being a prisoner at your own home. I really masked it up pretty well and I’d say that I’m a lot better now. Mentally and physically.

April was when I had a horrible sleeping schedule as well. I would sleep at around 3-5am and wake up around 12pm. I lost track of time during April. I didn’t know what day was what and because of that, April was probably the fastest month. If anyone wants to read about the psychology behind the “quarantine time”, I’ll post a link down below. At least I had my family to talk to things about during the lockdown. To those that were/are still living by yourself during the lockdown, I hope you guys maintain a healthy mental. During the lockdown, I started to lose a grip of what time was. I legit thought April was the fastest month of this year. It just zoomed by.

As far as games, I started playing League of Legends again. Crazy. What a damn time to be alive. I didn’t think I’d get back into this game, but I’m glad I did. I was able to rekindle a friendship with one of my old friends from high school. For the first half of April, I played a lot of Animal Crossing still, and it was fun until I basically had millions of bells in my inventory. Not so fun after that. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was the hottest game during April. I remember watching my brother Richard play the game. To this day I would like to play that game as long as it gets released on PC. As far as new games, I was able to get an access key early to Valorant and I was playing that game for a while during its beta. Of course, I also ended up spending money on the game just for cosmetic purposes. Just had to flex one time for the beta users.

That one Tiger King documentary on Netflix really blew up due to the stay-at-home orders. Very interesting show with interesting characters. Still a shocker that it’s all non-fiction. I also picked up Community, and watched it until Season 5. After Troy left, I thought the show wasn’t the same anymore.

My older brother was a month away from graduating. He’s done with school and finally got his B.S.. Couldn’t been more proud of him. There were rumors/memes surfacing that Kim Jong Un had passed away. All these weird conspiracy theories that his sister “killed him” in order to take control of North Korea. This all started when he wasn’t present and there were no updates about Kim Jong Un during the time. Oh, how could we forget, our president “jokingly” suggested to inject LYSOL into our systems to counter the coronavirus.

The stock market started to slowly recover. At this point, we were definitely seeing a K-shaped recovery. SPY recovered from $220 to $280 within a month, Tesla went from $330 to $600, and Amazon went from $1700 to $2400. Pretty fucking insane. Traveling sectors were still down bad, but ended up recovering later on in the year.



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