2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: January

January 2020

Mentally still stuck in April 2020

I just thought that it be more fitting if I put my 2020 reflection here rather than on my blog page. I wanted to keep whatever I was writing about there. Why? I felt that this year, 2020, really opened my eyes and changed me. It is probably one of most influential and experiencing year that I’ve been through in my life. 2020 has been one wild ride. Things went downhill and things changed throughout the year. As the year 2020 finally comes to an end, I thought it be a good idea to take a trip down memory lane and see what I’ve been doing this years. I’ll attach 1 photo from my iPhone album that I believe summarized: what I did and how I felt during the month. I’ll also mention couple of life-changing/important events that happened during 2020 within each month. In anticipation to 2020, almost everyone including me thought that starting off a new decade would be the best thing to happen.


First month of the new year. Everyone had positive vibes. I was hyped up for what we had in store for 2020. One occurring problem that went on for a couple of weeks was my dog Maxie’s situation. To this day, we have no idea what exactly happened to him, but there was speculation that couple days before Christmas 2019, Maxie fell and injured himself really badly. His injury started during the week of Christmas, as I started to notice him walking weird and acting weird. His pain would come and go from time to time, but didn’t get worse until later on. This injury definitely got better as time passed by, but it just pains me to see Maxie in a situation like this.

Work was fine during then. Had no drama with my employees and upper management. I was just doing my own thing and did whatever I was told to do. I guess World War 3 almost happened or something? I’d only assume so since January birthed many WW3 memes. Also Australia was on fire. Yeah what a shit show to start of 2020. Millions of animals were killed in the proces. So by the last week of January 2020, two things had happen.

#1 Kobe Bryant passed along with his daughter Gigi and 6 other members aboard with him. Truly tragic. LITERALLY NO ONE SAW THIS ONE COMING. That day, social media feed (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and etc.) was completely filled with Kobe Bryant. It was the most searched up/talked about moment for the day. His death hit me as well even though I never was a fan of basketball. It’s just very tragic hearing about someone’s death that’s literally been there since I was born. Kobe was the most talked Lakers of all time. You didn’t have to be a basketball fan to know of Kobe. He is arguably this generation’s Michael Jordan. If you’ve ever toss trash away into a basket and say “KOBE”, you know he’s been with you.

#2 Coronavirus/COVID-19 hit the city where I worked at, Orange County. Not too many people were scared about this yet. Me and my dad were scared and kept up on following up with the latest news. My older brother Richard alongside my mom thought both of us were crazy. So what I did was I told my coworkers that we should start sanitizing like crazy while in store, and if possible, wear a facemask when people are in the store. My parents (along with many other Chinese parents) began getting news of COVID-19 real fast through WeChat. Every early information about COVID-19 was spread through WeChat, detailing the symptoms and where it landed within California. I honestly didn’t know what to believe since my parents insisted me on taking extra precaution when I was at work. And that’s what I enforced. Masks, gloves, and sanitization everyday. I found this meme that perfectly conveyed what January was like.

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