2020 RECAP

2020 RECAP: February

February 2020


Remember how I mentioned about Maxie’s condition earlier on? So it’s gotten worse throughout the time. It absolutely kills me seeing my dog suffer from pain. I couldn’t go on another day seeing him like this. We took him to a vet, who did absolutely nothing to help with his condition. He suggested an X-Ray for Maxie, but my parents didn’t want to get one because it was costly even though I was willing to pay for it. My parents suggested that we take care of him at home via natural effects. At first I was really upset with this decision.

It was a tough month seeing Maxie like this. He would wake me up everyday at night from pacing around. He was restlessness due to constant pacing. He was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. Luckily I leave for work around 11:30am, so I didn’t mind sleeping at around 3-4am. He wouldn’t eat from time to time. He refused to eat. My parents thankfully accepted the idea to have him sleep in their room from time to time, which helped his condition. He avoided sunlight and playing with toys, something which pained me to see since those are his favorite activities to do everyday. He refused to sleep on his own bed, so he had improvise and sleep on some random bed that my parents had bought for him during the time. I tried searching up everything online to help Maxie. I assumed it was bloat, but luckily it wasn’t. On my off days, I would take him on walks. Funny enough, when Maxie was injured he would love to go on walks. Now with him back to normal, he doesn’t really like that. Luckily enough, throughout the month of February, Maxie started to get better and was acting like his normal self.

One of the shocking news that I received this month was that my uncle had passed away. He was fighting with colon cancer for less than 2 years. It started from stage 3 and got worse as time went on. It was the most shocking news he had told us back then. We didn’t expect him to get diagnosed with colon cancer. He was/is the most fit man in my family. Always constantly eating healthy and working out. He’d be the last person you’d least expect to get colon cancer, but you can’t deny genetics. During the second week of February, we got the news that he only had less than five days left to live. And I specifically remember on the day that he passed, my mom got the news at 11:00pm from his wife and woke up crying. I’ll never forget that. And like that, cancer took his life away. He played a huge role in my life because he was the one that got me interested in Jordans back then. The pairs that he gifted me were some OG Bred 13s and OG Flint 13s as a kid back then. The pair he gifted me before he passed were a pair of OG Space Jam 11s. I will never sell that shoe as it hold so much sentimental value to me.

Coronavirus scare was getting a bit bigger since it hit my city. I think we can all agree on that most of us overexaggerated/panicked when the numbers were low. Look at us now. Anyways, I started to knew this was going to get worse when my parents started buying supplies and food to stock up. Boy, they were prophets. My cousin was getting married and my parents decided to pull out last minute from attending the wedding due to my uncle’s death and early covid-19 fear. I remember San Francisco was one of the earlier cities in California to declare a local emergency. That news alone scared my parents and they started to buy even more supplies in case of a “lockdown”.

My boss thought I was overreacting and was scared of this. I remember him telling me that.I would always post daily updates/news of COVID-19 on my Instagram story and he would say that “I’m scared.” Yeah no shit I was/still am scared. I was right though. My coworkers would try to plead with me and ask if there’s anyway we could temporarily close down the store due to COVID-19. Simple, the answer was no. Other stores were doing it that’s why my boss didn’t want to temporarily close down the store. I think starting with February, people started to wear masks outside in public, before it became a political issue.

On some sneaker related updates, I copped some OG Off-White Prestos for the personal collection. I really slept on this shoe when they were more “affordable” last year, but better late than never I guess? I also grabbed an early pair of the Travis Scott SBs. They looked a lot nicer in person but luckily I didn’t fall for the hype.

Actually just kidding, I actually bought a couple pairs. 5 pairs to be exact. The other 3 pairs belonged to my coworkers. I paid around $1000 each back then for them and I’m glad that I was able to sell 4 of them for around $1650 cash each. The good thing about this was that I didn’t succumb to wearing them. I love SBs but these are kind of too loud for me. Too many things going on. Plaid, bandana, rope laces, and root patterns.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that I remember buying some Chainlink early on in the year. I think I spent around $5000 on Chainlink during the last week of February, at an average price of $4.2 per coin. Unfortunately, the market crashed couple weeks later and that is what I’ll start off March with.

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