Stock Talk: Recap Of The Week Nov 2 – Nov 6

Recap Of The Week Nov 2 – Nov 6

Pretty interesting week going on even with the elections going on. I’d say this week was a successful week for me. Probably one of the better weeks I’d have in a LONG time.

11/2/20 ( – $55)

Didn’t really do much today. I just day traded some NIO contracts. I wasn’t too sure why I decided to day trade them at a loss. I don’t know what the heck was I thinking. Nothing really much to talk about Monday’s play.

11/3/20 (+ $752)

Probably one of my dumbest moves. Well, had I known about it but I should’ve just held. I day traded some $TLRY $8 calls for a profit of $30…. Not too sure why I did that. Had I held until Friday oh man, the gains would be easily 10x the amount. My $NIO calls ended up doing pretty well. I ended up selling my 11/20 $35C for a total profit of $235. I bought some more weeklies again just to see what’s going to happen this week.

11/4/20 (+ $850)

So my $AMZN shares are finally back. Held it for I’d say almost 2 weeks right after earnings and thank god they finally went back up. I ended up selling 3 of my 5 shares at a price of $3241 per share. NIO today went popping. I sold 3 of my 5 $40C for around $1.18 per contract, bought 2 more at $1.37 per contract and sold 4 for $1.03 per contract. I’m just playing with house money at this point so was feeling a lil risky.

11/5/20 (+ $971)

So funny little story. I bought some $IIVI shares to gamble earnings back then. They completely got wrecked and dropped more than 20% within a week. It hit around $35 per share. Pretty tough loss. But I didn’t know that they had earnings today and they absolutely killed it. The stock went up $8 basically. Sometimes it pays to hold stocks.

I day traded $FSLR for a profit of $139. Bought couple more cheap $NIO shares to swing into tomorrow before expiration. The last minute thing I decided to do was to gamble $ROKU earnings. And it turned out pretty well. I ended up making roughly around $600 within 15 minutes. After the stock shot up during after hours, it ended the day by hovering around $230.

11/6/20 (+ $650)

So many things happened on Friday for me. Weed stocks were booming. It was insane. Specifically $ACB, that sucker was almost up 35% within a single day. The first thing I did in the morning was bought some $TLRY calls for $0.7 per contract. I ended up selling my $AMZN shares and my last two NIO shares at a loss since during then the market kinda scared me. I tried to not do anything, but I decided in the end I was gonna hop on some weed stocks. Hopping on it for pure hype.

I ended up day trading most of these contracts today. Profited $122 from FSLR, $234 from ACB, and $182 from TLRY. I could’ve made alot more money had I not decided to be greedy for a bit more profit. At one point, for the first time in ages (not even kidding), every SINGLE position that I had entered in was in the green.

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