Stock Talk: Recap Of The Week Oct 26 – Oct 30

Recap Of The Week Oct 26 – Oct 30

Wow, so long story short. this week was pretty rough. Had a nasty start on Monday and a nasty ending on Friday. Don’t be like me and gamble.

10/26/20 (- $745)

So Monday morning, the market opened up pretty bad. What caused all of this? White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows specifically said that the US was not going to control the pandemic. That is some pretty big words to say when we’re in an ongoing pandemic right now. So Monday morning, all of my positions were red. My shares and contracts that I had were all red. I was basically up $300 from my $GME positions last week. Now thats all gone.

I picked up 2 weekly contracts of $PFE that I wanted to gamble for earnings the next day.

My only play involving shares was that I bought 500 shares of $AMKR at $13.33 per share. Since earnings were the following morning, I decided to gamble earnings. I was up 5% and could’ve made an easy $300 profit within less than an hour, but I just wanted to gamble through earnings.

10/27/20 (- $1,100)

Yeah so AMKR didn’t do so well and I ended up losing almost $1000 from them today. This was pretty tough. I knew I should’ve followed my intuition and sold the day before for a quick $331 profit.

PFE didn’t do so well too. I ended up losing money on that as well. I told myself that I wasn’t going to beat myself up from this. At least if I hold AMKR, I can hopefully make my money back in the long run. So what did I do? Yep, you guessed it. I decided to gamble yet again. I decided to gamble some calls for $MSFT and $UPS. I mean I’m unemployed for the time being. My coding bootcamp doesn’t start until late January. Gotta have some fun before my life is over due to coding.

10/28/20 (-$197)

Yeah so once again, I ended up losing my gamble again.

On the bright side I ended up daytrading some $VXX calls throughout the day. Made a quick $60 from that so I can’t complain.

You’d think I’d stop with the gambling here huh? Nah. Decided to gamble earnings for $EBAY, $PINS, and $V. Also bought a $SPY call to see if the market will open up green for the first time in two days.

10/29/20 (+ $2,359.74)

So $PINS absolutely killed earnings. After hour it shot up 30%, and today it shot up another 10%. What kills me the most is that I sold this WAYYYYY too early. Literally couple minutes before it mooned again. I was pretty pissed. Had I held for a bit longer, I was gonna make an extra $800 from both contracts. I was pretty pissed at myself for this so I decided to go back to sleep.

I woke up again around 10:30AM PST and I noticed $NIO was running again. It broke past $30 and went straight to $31 throughout the day. My $NIO $35C 11/20 was finally back in the green again. I also decided to day trade some $NIO calls, which I ended up making around $142 from that. The biggest factor for all my gains today were my shares. I originally entered in NIO back in July. I bought roughly 200 shares at an average price of $13.16 per share. I remember telling myself that I wanted to hold on to these shares until they hit my price target ($50) but I decided to claim profits now. With the elections soon, I’d like to claim some profit at least.

Ended up selling my shares at an average price of $31.73 per share.

With basically all of my money that I made back today from the past couple days. I wanted to gamble earnings. And we had some crazy earnings. It was $FB, $AMZN, $GOOG, and $AAPL. I kinda went crazy, as you can tell by the picture below.

10/30/20 (- $1,273)

Everything went wrong today. I basically lost almost all my gains from yesterday.Market took a fat beating today. Why? My dad was right. If $AAPL, $AMZN, $FB, and $GOOG couldn’t pump up the market during its ER, we would see a red day the following day. Almost everything tanked during Thursday’s after hours. Specifically, $TWTR, $AAPL, and $AMZN. My position in $AMZN is hurting me right now. Basically lost $1000 just from holding 5 positions. Almost everything tanked today. The only thing I played today was that I decided to buy a $SPY put. My reasoning behind this? Not necessarily a gamble but since with the rise of COVID-19 numbers going up again, and with Halloween literally the next day. I’m not surprised if numbers go up due to certain people/groups ignoring Halloween protocols.

What is something that I can learn from this week? Oh yeah; DON’T GAMBLE EARNINGS. It’s easier said than done but I will try to not gamble anymore. Literally lost around $2,000 just from gambling earnings.

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