Stock Talk: Recap Of The Week Oct 19 – Oct 23

Recap Of The Week Oct 19 – Oct 23

I haven’t written a post in a while (let alone talking about stocks) so I’d figured I start jotting down my recaps throughout the week. My recaps will be posted every Friday or Saturday detailing my gains and losses throughout the week. I’d figure it be a great idea to keep track of my plays throughout the week and see where things went wrong or smooth.

10/19/20 (+ $110.86)

Didn’t really play much during Monday. I really only played Snap, Tesla, and Amazon.

SNAP had earnings on Wednesday. I remember the following earnings, SNAP killed its earnings due to many users on the app again (big thanks to quarantine). I didn’t really get a chance to do some actual TA on SNAP, so knowing the gambling blood in me; I decided to play earnings by buying some weekly calls.

I liked how the graph was showing me that Tesla took a beating on Monday. As per its usual trend before, Tesla usually would run up couple days before its earnings (which was on 10/21/20 AH) but it did the complete opposite this time. If it broke below its $436 support line, it would be a perfect time to scalp some puts. I didn’t go that route and I ended up buying 50 shares at an average price of $436.24 per share.

I don’t know, I’d say it was a quick $110 within 17 minutes is something I really couldn’t complain about. This is what I love about having unlimited day trades. It’s beautiful being able to day trade as much as you can without getting flagged.

However, this was my last win with Tesla for the time being, as I actually ended up buying 75 shares before closing. Oh did I also mention buying hella OTM weeklies to gamble during earnings?

Prior to buying 75 shares of Tesla, I also bought 5 shares of Amazon at a price of $3193.91 per share. I literally had 0 buying power left. I used up all my margins and my cash for these positions.

10/20/20 (- $880)

Pretty rough day for me. I should’ve listened to the saying “Never put all your eggs into 1 basket“. That’s exactly what I did yesterday and it costed me a lot. Tesla kept on dropping throughout the day. I couldn’t watch it anymore so I decided to sell 50 of my shares at a loss for $420.21. Basically $700 loss on my end from Tesla shares.

On a brightside, I ended up selling my 5 Amazon shares for a profit of $190. Least that play came out positive.

10/21/20 (+ $650)

So Snapchat absolutely killed earnings. Stock jumped by 22% AH and it didn’t stop there. On the next day when the market opened up, it ran up for a bit as well. Ended up making some good profit on Snapchat. A gamble that *finally* paid off well with some good returns. God seeing that 300% return is so heartwarming.

I ended up selling my Snap calls a bit too early, but least I made money in the end. Can’t be too greedy sometimes. I also daytraded Disney because I liked the momentum during the day. It was breaking resistance levels every other 10 minute, so I had to hop on and daytade a call. Profit came out to be $42, which is basically a free meal.

As far as equity, I also picked up some shares of IRBT. The stock was down almost 20% in the morning after reporting earnings. I usually like to buy beat up stocks and swing them until I make money. I kinda entered all over the places, so my average was around $81.5 per share.

10/22/20 ( – $120)

So Tesla didn’t really do so well during earnings. They beat expectations but it wasn’t anything amazing. Remember those stupid weekly OTM calls I placed earlier in the week? Yeah here’s a little update:

Beautiful. Absolutely worthless. This is my last time gambling Tesla earnings. I’m just not even going to try to FOMO this anymore. My overall P/L YTD with Tesla is -$6,500. Pain

Anyways, I didn’t try to beat myself up because of this. This is practically nothing new to me. I ended up playing MAT (Mattel) earnings. I bought a weekly contract that was set to expire next week.

Prior to closing, I last minute decided to buy 500 shares of MAT. I basically FOMOed this since my father decided to play earnings as well. And it turns out it did pretty well. I daytraded the stock once I saw profit, which was around $525 in the end.

10/23/20 (+ $71)

Didn’t really do anything on Friday. I’ve only had two transactions: Sold my MAT call for a profit of $71 and Bought 1 weekly contract for HAS (Hasbro) earnings in the upcoming week.

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