Sneaker Talk: New Balance Aime Leon Dore P550

Aime Leon Dore's latest collaboration with New Balance

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about shoes on my site here. The past couple weeks nothing really caught my attention. Everything either looked boring or I was just too lazy to write up about something. A week ago, something really caught my eye. And it was these pair of New Balances.

Aime Leon Dore is teaming up with New Balance again to work on another collaboration. This time, the model they used was the P550. Most people on the internet noted that the P550 had a similar silhouette as the coveted Louis Vuitton Trainer Lows. Immediately, once people saw a connection of some sort, that really hyped up the shoes.

I was actually lucky enough to be able to snag a pair for retail online via ALD’s raffle. The only pair I really wanted was the Green pair, and that’s what I got. The red and black pair didn’t do justice for me. And I already have the white LV trainers so there’s no need to grab another grey looking shoe. After receiving the shoes in person, the shoes came out looking much better in person than stock photos.

Premium materials all around the upper. In 2020 almost everyone is hopping on that Vintage look. By vintage I mean aged-soles. ALD and New Balance did an excellent job with this collaboration. It mimics the vintage look by also staying up to trend with the latest demand for aged soles and bulkier shoes.

The details on the shoe are spot on. First of all, the box design pays homage to how the old New Balance boxes were used back then. I remember seeing the box and I jokingly mistakened it as a Porto’s box. Subtle branding on the back of the shoe and tongue, as I’ve said before this collaboration was done really well.


I’m a true 8.5M and I almost went with my TTS. I was reading online and people highly recommended to go half size down. I ended up going half size down to an 8M and they fit perfectly. It was a bit narrow at first but I ended up getting used to the fit. Had I went TTS, the shoe would just look oddly long and that wouldn’t look too well for my taste.

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