Sneaker Talk: Air Jordan 4 Union Is My Sneaker of the Year

2020 Shoe of the Year

I think it’s safe to say that the Air Jordan 4 Unions are probably my most worn shoe this year. I’ve really only worn 2 pairs of shoes that came out this year: Nike Dunk Low Kentucky & Air Jordan 4 Union. The Kentuckys were only worn like 2 times at most. I wore the Union 4s almost 3 times week when they first came out. I thought after looking at them and comparing them with the Off White 4s, I personally like the Union 4s much better. Specifically the Off-Noir pair since its the most versatile shoe to wear. The Guava and Off White 4s can get easily dirty and dirt marks are more visible on those pairs than the Off-Noirs. The only downside to the Union 4s is that I did pay pretty high for them. I bought both of my pairs for around $1100 each, and according to Stockx, they’re at $700 right now. Oof

Fuck it though, I’m wearing the shoes almost once a week and I love them. Of course I had to cut out the stitchings to show the full tongue. And by doing that the shoe feels complete and perfect. It looks like a normal AJ4 now. I will honestly wear these to the ground. I’ve said this many times but it is my most worn shoe this year. I literally either only wear this or my SandalBoyz sandal. And prior to the release of this shoe, I was strictly wearing the sandals only due to COVID-19. Was basically in and out of the house for less than 30 minutes a pop to either get groceries or do some small tasks.

If COVID-19 didn’t happen this year, I’m pretty sure I would be beating the fuck out of these shoes no doubt. Giving it that “vintage” or “aged” look from wear, the shoe looks better once its worn out. That’s why I can’t get with the Off White 4s. Yes they get dirty easily, but the shoe doesn’t pop off as much when its beat. It just looks grimey. Union 4s were made to already look like a pair of vintage shoes. You can tell by the yellowed-sole and the traditional style of suede and mesh. This is not your ordinary smooth suede that you’re used to seeing on newer shoes. Chris Union specifically noted that they had to source out older suede & mesh materials that fits with the 80s theme.

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