Sneaker Talk: Warren Lotas Pigeon Dunk

How to lose your fans 101

So earlier in the week, Warren Lotas posted an announcement on his story that his next “dunk” will be something big. The only information he gave us was that it released back in 2005. He noted that it wasn’t going to be the Tiffanys or Freddys. I remember telling a couple of my friends that I think it’s going to be the Pigeon Dunk. Well technically, yes and no.

On Sunday, it was revealed that this was a joint-collaboration with Staple brand himself, Jeff Staple. A Warren Lotas shoe done on an “official” collaboration with Pigeon.

Last year, I thought it was cool when he released the Jason Dunks. Obviously inspired by the Jason Highs and the Sample/FnF Jason Lows. I guess after realizing how much potential money he can make, he basically started to “reimagine” iconic dunks. The following year he released the Heinekens and Stussys. There is literally 0 correlation between Heneikens and Stussys to Jason Voorhees himself. At this point, he’s producing high priced fakes as his “reimagining”. With Jeff Staple officially green-lighting this to be an official collaboration, my respect for Jeff and Staple brand was gone.

All of my friends hated this. It was probably the most talked thing today. Why ruin a shoe’s legacy by selling out to another brand who’s been reimagining dunks as if it was nothing?


I understand that Jeff and Warren are trying to make these exclusive dunks more accessible to everyone else. Granted, no one wants to drop $20k on a pair of Pigeons. But if you guys are really for the people, leave this out of it. That’s waht made Nike SB so hot back then. If you couldn’t afford a pair of shoes, don’t bother buying them. Exclusivity is what made Nike SB booming back then. Jeff is basically green-lighting the production of fake/custom shoes by Warren Lotas. With Staple brand green-lighting, it also serves as a slap in the face to Nike. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nike dropped Staple brand after seeing this. This has to be a breach of contracts.

Basically fuck the culture and fuck preservation. The word exclusivity has lost all meaning now.

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