Sneaker Talk: End of an Era (My Collection)

Offloaded 75% of my inventory for the greater good.

I’ve been collecting sneakers for a very long time. I would actually consider myself as a hoarder, since there are some shoes that I’ve held for more than 5+ years with me. More on the business sides, I’ve realized that there are always customers that prefer the new and hot items. So I’d always have to reconsider my “collection/inventory” and always get the latest products. With that being said, I’ve finally decided to part away with most of my inventory. It was hard for me to let go, but I just can’t be sitting on shoes like this for the rest of my life anymore. Downsizing was 100% an option no doubt. I’m only keeping some shoes for the sake of its monetary and nostalgic values. The ones that I’ve basically sold were my investments from the recent years. Almost every year, I would have to sell my inventory to get new inventory. But now, I don’t think I’ll be getting anymore new inventory for a while now. It’s time to do bigger things now.

The space wasn’t really a problem back at home. It was more of a personal dealing with my collection. Did I want to hold on to all my shoes for the rest of my life and never sell? Or should I sell and learn to do new things later on in life? And that’s exactly what I did. I just didn’t want to be sitting on money and slowly accumulate money throughout the year. I definitely needed to divest and spread out my portfolio much more accordingly. What was I going to do? Just come home everyday and gawk at my shoes? That’s absurd. I looked at them as “man, this is my life savings here and I want this to grow”.

Like I mentioned above, I’m only keeping some shoes which I’ll hold for a little longer, but as for the rest; they are officially gone. Why sit out on certain money when I could be figuring out what to do with this money? (Definitely not going back to buying more and more shoes as before) I personally still have a lot of shoes left. The problem is now that my shoes are mainly used, since I purchased them pre-owned or they’re my personals. There are certain shoes which I won’t let go quite yet (e.g. fragment 1s, heinekens, unkles, unions, and more) so I’ll still be able to get some wears out of my shoes for the next couple years.

Maybe I’m being too emotional about this but deciding to offload a majority of my inventory took a while for me to process. I’ve been saying back then and even before the market crash back in March that I wanted to offload my inventory. That never happened because I was all talk. More importantly, I was too attached to my products. So far with my shoes gone and I exited out of my Chainlink positions, I’m definitely open to investing in other things now. Investing in shoes is always a safe route and fun, but I definitely want to move on and do something new.

A new chapter in my life started today.

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