Sneaker Talk: Air Jordan 4 Union

One of the most anticipated releases of the year.

With the official announcement of the Union Jordan 4s by Union LA, many fans quickly switched up. The first leaked photos had people hating on the shoe. I admit I was one of them. I hated the guavas, but I really liked the black pair. Because how the tongue was shown early on, I thought it’d be some weird AJ4 model but Union actually stitched the tag like that on purpose. Removing the stitching results in the regular AJ4 tag, to which many people switched up on.

Surprising enough, I was luckily able to secure a pair online manually. The guava pair to be exact, since it was rumored that the Guavas had double the stock, while the Off Noir pair was half of that. Funny enough, I actually went for the Off Noir pair first. Once I got in the queue, I kept on waiting and waiting until it said my size sold out. I decided to say fuck it, if my size was sold out on the Off Noir I would go for the Guavas instead. And surely enough, I was able to hit on the Guavas.

After a couple of weeks, my pair finally arrived in. And judging it from the promotion picture and theme of the shoe, this shoe did not disappoint. First thing when I opened the box was that I immediately fell in love with the box design. Simple design but very meaningful. Union has once again won with their Jordan collaboration.

The attention to detail is insane too. Whereas for the Union Jordan 1s, Union really added the little finer things to make the details of the shoe really stand out. The wrapping papers for both collaborations says it all. In my opinion, the wrapping paper on the Union 4s is much better than the 1s. Considerably since this is primarily all graphic here.

Premium materials all around again. Thick/rough suede on the shoe, as well with mesh on the toe box and the mid panels. Chris Gibbs mentioned that he researched on how the suede on shoes back then were rough. So the suede on the 4s are not a normal type of suede you’d feel. One thing I’ve noticed is that the cage on this pair is actually filled in. On the usual 4s, they would leave a small open gap. The pink is almost a dusty pink look to it. So those that wouldn’t wear a shoe with pink due to “toxic masculinity”, grow up. This is pretty good quality for some 4s, matching with the 2019 Bred 4s release and the 2019 Cool Grey 4s release. You have the aged sole again on this shoe, which was a feature also show on the Union 1s. To top it off, you have the Nike Air on the back of the shoe.

Nike Air > Jumpman

Jordan brand is really killing it with its collaborations this year. We’ve had many different releases of the Jordan 1s throughout the year, but nothing really stands out compared to the other models. We’ve had great collaborations on the Jordan 4s and 5s, thanks to both Off White and now Union LA. We’re also about to have a Fragment design Jordan 3 collaboration in the following month too, so that’s going to be one hot shoe. I can personally see myself wearing the Union 4s over the Off White 4s Sail. I wouldn’t wear the Guava pair, but if I could find a pair of the Off Noir for a good price then I’d cop for the toe. Yes, when I do wear my Off Noir pair, I will definitely remove the stitching so the AJ4 tongue is visible. Maybe we can finally start seeing people wear Jordans instead of 1s all the time. To those that are already wearing other models, I salute to you.

Don’t call yourself a Jordan fan if you just only wear 1s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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