Stock Talk: Plays Of The Week Aug 31 – Sep 4

Little recap of my positions that I've played throughout the week.


Earlier in the week, I entered into a $ZM weekly, ($400C 9/18 4.49) because I wanted to gamble earnings. There was no doubt that Zoom would kill earnings. Zoom has been one of the hottest applications used in 2020. If jobs were to summarize 2020, it would be all because of Zoom. RIP SKYPE.

Anyways, since the week before that I missed out on $CRM earnings, and CRM absolutely killed earnings. Calls were printing. You could’ve literally turned $400 into $4000 the very next day if you got some ITM weeklies. My dad was luckily able to make a shit load of money off of CRM. I literally forgot to enter, and I’m still beating myself to this day.

Tuesday after hours went wild for Zoom. It hit $403 at the end of the day, and that was my breakeven price for my call to hit. However, in the morning it just continued to go up. Zoom hit $470 at one point, and calls were printing. Literally the exact same thing as CRM. Wild. As you can see by the picture below, I made some nice gains. I did however sell a little too early, as if I had waited an hour I could’ve gotten another $3000. Gains are gains, so I can’t really complain about this.


Unfortunately for me, I decided to buy some $AAPL leaps a day too early. Then again, who would’ve known that a crash was bound to happen the next day? Anyways, I entered in a couple of leaps ($200C 1/21 3) ($200C 6/21 6.5). I bought 5 of the 1/21 calls but when the market crashed the next day, I decided to cut losses early and didn’t want to hold them any longer. Pretty stupid in my opinion. I thought about buying more leaps during the last few minutes on Thursday, but I ultimately ended up waiting until the next morning to buy.

So that’s exactly what I did. On my smaller account, I was able to pick up 2 more $200 1/21 leaps at a fair price of $1.59 per contract.


One of my last plays to end the week was me swinging some $CCL calls ($19c 9/18 1.23). This play was kind of random. Looking at the chart, I really liked how CCL was building up and I think we can see a small rally next week. My $CCL position should be a quick swing. Cutting losses at 35% if it were to drop next week.

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