From The Vault: Nike Air Max 1 Patta 5th Anniversary Cord Denim

Nike Air Max 1 Patta 5th Anniversary Cord Denim

Patta is one of the most well known brand that has collaborated with Nike on various occasions. Patta can singlehandedly be noted as the brand that made Air Max 1s hot. They’ve put out so many amazing collaborations throughout the years. And these collaborations are extremely rare and pricy. For today, I’ll be focusing on one of the 5th Year Anniversary pair, the Cord/Denim.

2009 was a great year for Patta. Celebrating its 5th Year Anniversary, Patta teamed up with Nike to release not 1 but, 5 different Air Max 1s for its anniversary. 3 pairs released in 2009 while the rest released in 2010. Out of the 5 pairs, the Purple Denim and Cherrywoods are by far one of the most limited pairs to release during its anniversary. The rest however were still obtainable, but now harder to find.

Out of the 5, many fans either choose the Chlorophylls or the Cherrywoods to be the best pair out of the collection. I mean they’re not wrong. Both of them are still one of my all time favorites Air Max 1 to date. However, I still think that the Cord Denim pair is highly underrated.

One of the louder shoes out of the capsule, this pair had a lot going on. And by a lot, I meant a lot of different materials around the shoe. We’re talking about premium fabrics such as suede, nubuck, corduroy and denim all around the shoe. The shoe is primarily purple, with the green Nike swoosh to help give the shoe some life and color. This shoe also gets better with age. As you get more wears into this shoe, you can start seeing the denim fades as well as the corduroy begins to fray up.

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