Food Eats: Blazin’ Chicks

Not the greatest Hot Chicken spot in 626, but it gets the job done.

Nashville Hot Chicken has become one of the most popular dishes out here in the United States. Specifically within the California region, where there are many shops opening left and right that caters Nashville Hot Chicken. While there are many spots out in the DTLA region that serves Nashville Hot Chicken, nothing really compares to Howlin’ Rays & Dave’s Hot Chicken. You’ve heard all the stories about Howlin’ Rays. Lines were a minimum 1-2 hour wait pre COVID-19. Then another shop known as Dave’s Hot Chicken really blew up in popularity within the following year. They’ve been franchised to many different locations now, with one soon to open in San Diego and one in Las Vegas. I’m pretty confident to say that these two shops made Nashville Hot Chicken more accessible to the public.

With all that being said, let’s get right into it. So I think it’s fair for me to say that I really enjoy Nashville Hot Chicken. I remember specifically during 2018, me and my coworkers would head out to Dave’s Hot Chicken after work. If Dave’s had a long line, we would search for another spot within the DTLA area that sold hot chicken. Me and my coworkers ate hot chicken for weeks straight. Was it worth? It was fun drinking and eating with them. but my stomach could never handle it the morning after.

Fast forward to 2020, I had a sudden craving for hot chicken again. Mind you this, prior to my sudden craving, I had Howlin’ Rays back in June, and that did not disappoint at all. This time, I felt lazy as in I didn’t want to go out to Los Angeles to order Dave’s and wait in line all day. I didn’t feel like doing that at all. I don’t know how Instagram’s algorithm works, but after scrolling and checking out random food profiles, I stumbled upon Blazin’ Chicks. At first I really didn’t think too much of it, but one feature that really caught my eye was that on their Instagram page, their chicken wasn’t red enough. That kind of threw me off guard since I like my hot chicken red. But like I said, I was just in the mood for hot chicken so I decided to give them a try.

If you’re familiar with the 626 area, then finding Blazin’ Chicks will be no mission. Located down Las Tunas on Rosemead, it’s within the same plaza as Summer Rolls and Meet Fresh. Within the Temple City area too so the average drive should be 10 minutes at most give or take. Usually whenever I’m eating hot chicken, I always order a sandwich because that’s in my opinion, one of the best ways to eat hot chicken. Sandwich, pickles, and their thousand island inspired sauce is the ultimate trio for any hot chicken spots. But instead, I wanted to watch my carb intake today, so I decided to go for tenders instead.

I ended up getting the Tender Box Combo but I had them added an extra wing on the side for $3.99. Couldn’t see myself going with a mild flavor, so I chose medium to see if I could get a little kick from it. I also got fries just because you can never go wrong with fries.IMG_7293

So according to their Instagram bio, they call their chickens “Hot N Spicy Chicken”, instead of Nashville Hot Chicken. So I’d assume because of this title, that the chicken might be looking different in texture wise when compared with others. I was totally right.


The first thing I’ve noticed when receiving the food was that some of my chickens were red and some weren’t. There’s no way that they couldn’t season my 3 other chickens right? Yeah look closely and you can obviously see that one piece of tender was covered in more seasoning than the others. So far not the greatest start yet. When I got the fries, they were standard cut fries with absolutely no flavor at all. The fries when I got them were soggy so that was already a turn off. I couldn’t finish half of my fries so I left that alone.

The chicken wasn’t so great either. Immediately, first thing I’ve noticed after taking couple bites of the tenders was that it was dry. Even my tender that was absolutely covered in seasoning tasted pretty dry. If you’ve eaten at Howlin Ray’s and Dave’s before, then you can immediately notice the difference when eating here. The medium also didn’t have a kick to its flavor. The only thing saving this chicken was its sauce. If you had to eat this chicken dry by itself with no sauce, I’d assume you were depressed or so. That’s not the right way to eat buddy

Overall, if you’re in the mood for some hot chicken styled dish and if you were local to 626, I’d still recommend you try out this place since it’s gonna be the only decent hot chicken spot here in 626.

If you’re willing to make the drive, avoid this spot. If you are expecting it to be as like Howlin’s or Dave’s quality, then avoid this spot and simply go make the drive. 


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