From The Vault: Nike SB Dunk High MF DOOM

Nike SB Dunk High MF Doom

This was the shoe that introduced me to who MF DOOM was. I remember as a kid back then, I heard my brother’s friends talking about the MF DOOM shoes. I thought back then MF DOOM was a weird name to give to a shoe, but turns out later that this shoe was in collaboration with one of the most iconic underground rappers of all time. The realization didn’t actually hit me till 2009 (2 years after the shoes had released), when my brother started listening to MF DOOM. I remember hearing that name before but I couldn’t exactly pinpoint where I heard the name before. The name was stuck in the back of my head until I googled up “MF Doom shoes” and everything came a full circle. That’s my history with the shoe. However, if you’re one of those people who found out about this shoe due to Kylie Jenner wearing them, then yeah I really have nothing to say about that. Except the fact that after she posted this image, the prices for MF DOOMs began to skyrocket.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 12.03.09 AM

Back in 2007, Nike SB tapped fellow MC MF DOOM to release a pair of shoes together. Released during the black box series, this is in my opinion one of the best dunk highs ever released. The quality on this shoe was insane. Buttery suede on the collars. 3M lining all around the shoe. Yes, basically this shoe will bright up upon a flash. Ostrich leather around the toebox. MF DOOM’s logo on the side of the shoe.


The shoes also came with a set of dubraes that spell out “SPR” “VLN”, which represents “super villian”, another name that MF DOOM associates himself with. This shoe alongside the Supreme Blazers (which were also released during the black box series) are probably the only shoes that received the high quality treatment when it came to premium materials and details. MF DOOMs really paid close attention to detail in every way.


Instead of the regular Nike SB tag for the tongue, MF DOOM replaces it with his iconic mask symbol, also known as metal face. This probably might be the only shoe alongside Heinekens where red laces makes the shoe pop. Nothing else really pulls it off. Lastly, to top it off, the bottoms of the shoe and the insoles of the shoe displayed images of MF Doom. DSC01456


On the left of the shoe, you had a picture of MF DOOM in a suit. On the right side, if you’re a MF DOOM fan, you might be able to recognize where the image came from. It is the exact same image used from MF DOOM’s fifth album Mm.. Foodwhich is an anagram of MF DOOM.


Because of this shoe’s existence, I was able to learn about who the collaborator was and check them out. By doing so, I have gained some insight on who MF DOOM was. He has dropped many albums under different monikers, but his most iconic albums were Operation Doomsday, Mm.. Food, and the collaboration between him and Madlib Madvilliany. The latter is probably one of the most celebrated albums of all time due to both Madlib’s production and MF DOOM’s talents on the mic. I have a soft spot in my heart for this shoe. I actually credit this shoe alongside my brother for introducing me to some of the greatest songs I’ve ever listened to in my entire life. It’s the little things like this where Nike would collaborate with someone unknown to the masses, and make them blow up by putting their name on the map.

Sadly, with resell prices hitting at an all time high, fans of MF DOOM or the shoe in general might not be able to purchase this shoe without coughing up a lot of money. Even with used pairs, it’s definitely not worth paying half the price of a DS pair thats bound to break apart after a couple of wears. If you’re looking to just get the look down of this shoe, I got you.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 12.14.05 AM

Released back in 2016, Nike SB started paying “homage” to their box-series by releasing dunks of that color. So there were dunks made from the colors of the orange box series and pink box series. However, for the black/purple box series, the shoes looks strikes a familiar look when compared to the MF DOOMs. You still have that 3M lining all around the shoe. Uppers consist of primarily black and silver. And even the toe box has some ostrich leather supporting it. If you’re interested in buying this instead of the MF DOOMs, you can buy them right here.


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