From The Vault: Nike Air Force 1 Low Year of the Dog

Nike Air Force 1 Low "Year of the Dog"

Nike is no stranger when it comes to paying homage to animals of the Chinese Zodiac. They have done countless of commemorations such as Year of the Rabbit, Year of the Dragon, Year of the Snake, Year of the Monkey, and much more. Out of all of the zodiacs, nothing really compares to the Dog. In fact, Nike has produced different shoes based on the Year of the Dog, but only one of them really stood out to many people due to its appearance.

Released back in 2006, Nike released versions of the dog-themed shoe. The first shoe was released in hefty amounts to the public, and it was more a simpler shoe to look at. Primarily an all red shoe, it consists of two different shades of red, Chinese character on the heel that represents the Tibetan Mastiff dog, and a blue Air font to match with the light blue laces.

Year of the Dog 2006
Year of the Dog 2006 (better pair)

Now, the second pair was similar in the sense of the blue Air font and blue laces. But Nike really decided to take it to the next level and make this shoe crazy looking. This loud pair was supposedly more limited than the other pair, and it also came in a special box, which is very rare.

Special box

So yeah, the regular pair versus this pair really stood out. While the red pair was much easier to wear than its counterpart, people gravitated towards the wild pair due to its creativity. I’ve mentioned before that Nike engraved the Chinese character that represents the Tibetan Mastiff dog. Well instead of it being on the heel, it was placed on the back of the shoe. Oh also, the whole theme of the shoe literally embodies what the Tibetan culture is. You have faux pony hair on the shoe, loud colors on the toe box that represents what Tibetan jewelry looks like. You have almost everything that is supposed to represent the Tibetan culture here on this shoe. I was able to find this image online that basically broke down what was going on throughout the shoe.

Provided by Sneakernews

Also, being that the Zodiac always occurs every 12 years, Nike decided to re-release this shoe in the same concept but ditched all the bright colors for an all white shoe. It is basically the same shoe as the other pair released back in 2006 but with upgraded materials and sporting an all-white look. This pair might actually be favored out of the other two because you can never go wrong with an all white shoe. I don’t blame people that actually favor this pair though, but you can’t deny the fact that this pair wouldn’t exist if Nike didn’t go all out on this Zodiac symbol.

Year of the Dog 2018


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