From The Vault: Nike Dunk High “Haze”

Nike Dunk High Haze

Haze can be both a double meaning to this shoe. People would normally associate the word haze with this shoe due to its cloudy/hazy theme around the shoe. Haze is actually a NYC-born graffiti artist, Eric Haze. Haze was able to put his work to these dunks by efficiently treating this shoe as an “overspray”. Given that this shoe along with the dunk low is primarily a black/white theme, it’s been reworked with the overspray and faded process of the two colors.

Nike Dunk Low Haze

So in actuality, there are two different releases of the shoe. The regular pairs both come in an Orange Nike Box, which was first used during 01-04 before they switched the box designs. The pair I have is the regular edition with the normal box and normal Nike tag. The limited edition, aka the hyperstrike was only limited to 1,000 pairs to the world. The major differences was that on the tongue for the hyperstrike pairs, it replaced the Nike Tag with Haze’s logo.

Hyperstrike Pair with the special tonge

The hyperstrike box itself looks crazy. Just like the tongue, the box ditched the orange box and Haze was able to design his own special box. On top of the box it would spell out HAZE, right side of the box would display his logo (same logo you would find on the tongue) alongside 3 stars.

Good luck finding the hyperstike pairs in a good condition alongside with a good price tag. The regular pairs are already fetching for $500 for both the lows and highs. If you can find one however, I’d say it’s a good investment if you’re trying to find something very obscure to wear. Can’t be basic like everyone else rocking BTTYS dunks or Travis SB dunks. That’s my personal opinion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  The only time I’ve ever seen a DS pair of the hyperstrikes recently sell was from Gusto, and that sold for $2500.

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