Sneaker Talk: Why the Nike SB Pink Box Series Remains the Best

Pink box is simply the best series.

Nike Sb had one of the most revolutionary sneaker history in ages. Particularly their dunk model, remains one of the most iconic silhouette of all time. What made the Nike Sb Dunk so popular back then was due to its community and collaborations. Throughout the years, Nike had released many different pairs of dunks. Released in specific series, Nike SB had many iconic boxes. The order goes from Orange, Silver, Pink, Black, Gold, Blue, Griptape, Tiff, Black/Tiff, and Purple. There had been so many great dunks released within these boxes. In my opinion, nothing really compared to the quality of shoes that released during the Pink Box series. Also, some pairs released during the Pink Box series were the last to have the regular Nike Tag, since pairs after that added in the Nike Sb tag to the tongue.


High Profiled Collaborations

Nike Sb Dunk High Unkle

One of the first Nike Sb shoes to transition over from the Silver box to the Pink box. This dunk is just pure art. This was a collaboration between Mo Wax Records and British group UNKLE. To top off the collaboration, legendary graffiti artist Futura featured his famous pointman character on this shoe. The UNKLEs are single-handedly one of the best dunk highs of all time. It’s such a beautiful shoe to look at. This was when collaborations really meant something else. Nike started collaborating with many obscure and well known talents to come forth and showcase their art to you.

Alongside the UNKLEs, one of the most memorable shoes that came out during the time were the De La Souls. Both highs and lows. This was when Nike SB started to reach out and have high-profiled collaborations.

image (1)
Nike Sb Dunk High De La Sol

Nike Sb even teamed up with toy company Medicom to release a set of shoes throughout the years. No I’m not talking about the Medicom 1s that released during the Silver Box Era, I’m talking about Medicom 2, the Japan exclusive drop. This shoe in hindsight is very similar to the Reese Forbes Denim, but thats alright. Adding denim to shoes can be tricky, but Nike Sb absolutely killed it with the Medicom 2s.

Nike Sb Dunk Low Medicom 2

Team Manager Series

Back in 2005, Nike SB did a little something special with brands such as Stussy, Diamond Supply Co., Real Skateboards & Alien Skateboards. These were dubbed as the “Team Manager Series”. However, the former 2 really stood out to most collectors and changed the game. Well, Diamond to be specific. Stussys were hot back then, but not as compared to the supply and demand in 2020. All of a sudden everyone likes Stussy Dunks. Regardless of that, probably the most prominent pair out of the Team Manager Series was the Diamond Supply Co, aka Tiffanys.

Nike Sb Dunk Low Stussy
Nike Sb Dunk Low Tiffany

The Tiffany dunks really cemented the shoe game at the time. Everyone wanted that tiffany color because of this shoe. You started to care about Diamond Supply Co. If I had to pick, I would personally say that the Tiffanys represents Los Angeles. This shoe embodies Los Angeles, specifically Fairfax District.


img01 (1)
Nike Sb Dunk Low NYC Pigeon

Out of the Nike SB City Pack, the Pigeons were probably the most craziest ones and memorable releases of all time. This is the only pair from the city pack to be released during the Pink Box Series. You’ve heard the stories about this before. Jeff Staple has countlessly mention this story many times. TLDR/W this shoe started a crazy riot down in NY and the scene was memorable. Iconic to say at least. When you think of this shoe, you instantly think about the crazy riots that happened during then.


Released during the Pink Box Series, Nike SB have decided to retro certain colors from the BTTYS (Be True to Your School) pack but switched up the materials for this one. Majority of the uppers would be suede instead of the usual leather. This is one of the first time we would see a BTTYS colorway with the Nike Sb branding. Before, it would be the usual Nike tag, but this time Nike Sb decided to associate skating with the college pack.

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 1.33.29 AM
Nike Sb Dunk High BTTYS Pack


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