Stock Talk: Tesla Broke $2000

A new milestone for Daddy Musk.

It’s been a crazy week for Tesla. Ever since they announced a 5-1 stock split, Tesla has been soaring non stop. It’s been going up every day since then. From $1400 all the way to $2000 by the end of today. Tesla just broke another feat. Probably one of the craziest records since then. I had a feeling they were going to break $2000 today. By 8:30AM PST, Tesla was just $10 away from breaking $2000. It was crazy watching it. In fact, (I do not encourage ANYONE to text and drive), I was checking Tesla non stop on my phone while driving to Los Angeles earlier today. I just knew Tesla had to hit $2000 by today. There’s no other chance. And by roughly 11:30am PST, Tesla hit $2000. Amazing. Just before the stock split too.

Earlier in the year, I thought Tesla breaking $1000 was a significant moment, but it’s nothing compared to this moment. I remember even before a potential stock split, Tesla was bound to hit $2000 at LEAST by end of the year. Specifically during July 2020 when Tesla hit $1800 at one point but then corrected itself back down to the $1300 range. I personally thought that a correction was bound to happen regardless,  but I didn’t think that Tesla would just overcome it within a matter of weeks. Short sellers definitely got screwed over this time. Who would’ve thought Tesla would hit their $2000 milestone before the split? Man, shout out to those who played Tesla weeklys. There was nice money to be made from that, especially those that expire tomorrow (which is also the most riskiest).

Anyways, here are some links provided down below that I’d recommend reading about Tesla earlier today.


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