Thoughts: My 30LB Loss Journey

Health is wealth.

If you know me well enough, then you know that I hated going to the gym. I was always against working out. I’m not sure why I hated that. I’m pretty sure it was because I lacked self-confidence, but I might be wrong. I think the last time I’ve been to a gym was probably back in 2017 or so. I would always to find non-conventional methods to help me lose weight. Anything to avoid going to the gym or working out in general. There were times where I would eat like crazy for 1 day and fast for the entire day. But that never worked out. When I was working full-time back then, I would have these late night munchie cravings at 11PM and I couldn’t fight my urge to eat. The main reason was “well since I’m driving already, might as well stop by here to get some food”. I did this almost every 3 days of the week. It was nasty. To top it off, me and my coworkers would usually eat heavy meals throughout the day to survive the 10 hour shift. The only problem was that my coworkers were fit. They would go to the gym every morning and night before/after work. Me? Considering the fat and lazy person I was, I did no such thing.


Look at this picture above. My face was so fat that you couldn’t see my jawline. My body had rolls and I had fat all around my body. It was truly disgusting to look at this picture. I couldn’t believe that I did this to myself all because I wanted to eat unhealthy and avoid working out.


I was at my fattest point in life back in 2019. If I remember correctly, I weighed around 168 pounds. For my height, that was extremely unhealthy. I had slobs of fat rolls around my stomach. My face was fat. Everything about me was fat. Yet, I thought to myself and saw no problem whatsoever. I felt so insecure about my weight to the point where I would have to bail on my homie’s invitation to Vegas for a week. A week in Vegas where I could’ve had the time of my life. Bailed because I was insecure about my weight. I knew there was going to be a time (which it happened) where my homies would attend EBC (Encore Beach Club). It was weird to see people going to EBC wearing a shirt. That would only mean one or two things: insecure & fat. Lucky for me, that was both of the case there so two birds one stone.

At one point, I remember back in 2019 I started wearing size Large for my T-shirts. For my whole entire life, I’ve been always wearing mediums. It was obvious to many people. Short dude like me wearing Large size tees? Something don’t add up. My tees would either be too wide or too long. But it did serve one purpose though. By wearing large tees, I would be able to hide my fat from others. I would tell friends and family that the main reason I started wearing Large was “hated getting sweaty armpits”. That was probably one of the lamest excuse I ever made up. But I stuck with it because I didn’t want people to see how fat I was. It was obvious because my parents noticed right away. If they were able to see that my face was fat, then I must be hiding a lot of fat within my body.

Once again, shoutouts to the COVID-19 lockdown/quarantine where I really started to take serious precautions about my weight.

Eating & Fasting

During the first week of quarantine, I was snacking on a lot of my food that I bought. Mostly chips. I would eat a bag of chips a day throughout the first week of quarantine. Pretty nasty feeling but I was bored out of my mind during then. I didn’t start paying attention to my health and weight until April. Starting April is when I really started to change my eating habits.

During April, I was still eating junk food. The occasional chips once in a while, but the main food that I was guilty for was ice cream. Those damn Ben & Jerrys, I damn near had around 10 total pints within a month. It was nasty. I was running on my treadmill 3-4 times a week during April. But it didn’t help at all. I was still binge eating after I exercised. I only ran 1-2 miles a day on a treadmill. And I was also still eating ice cream. I didn’t take this more seriously until the end of April where I started to adapt a type of fasting method called intermittent fasting.

I started intermittent fasting around the first week of May and it was honestly tough for me. I would fast for 18 hours, and have 6 hours to eat within the time interval. This doesn’t mean you can still eat like junk. You have to watch what you eat still because after that 6 hour time slot of eating, you’re going to be fasting literally until the next day. I’d say intermittent fasting is all self-control at first. The first week was rough for me. My time to eat would be 12:00PM – 6:00PM, so I got hungry around 9 or 10pm. I would try to tell myself no and avoid snacking, but that failed for the first week. It was all a mental game. I couldn’t just say no to the snacks. After the first week was over, intermittent fasting became a breeze for me. How did it become so easy? Water.


Around May is when I started taking my health more seriously. I fixed up my eating habits and adapted intermittent fasting. What else could I have done? Not too long ago, I mentioned that water played a huge role when it came to intermittent fasting. It helped me out so much. I was drinking a lot of water (still am) during my fasting times. By a lot, sometimes I would mean on average half a gallon to a full gallon of water. I would have to restock my gallon of waters once a week at Target or Ralphs. That meant going to the restroom almost every 10 minutes. It was and still is annoying to this date, but I think that played a vital role with me losing weight. I would always carry a gallon of water by my side wherever I go.


Lastly, to get the ultimate results required one to engage in physical activity. After my treadmill broke, I started to run outside again. At first, I would try to make it a habit of running 6 miles a week, but that didn’t last too long until August. Besides running, I would get my workout done by shadowboxing and jumping jacks. People think jumping jacks are childish but they are actually helpful. Do around 500 jumping jacks a day and you’ll feel the pain the next day. Shadowboxing helped me because it was another alternative to my usual cardio workout. I didn’t have a punching bag to make this more effective, so I had to just punch the air. I would do some makeshift workouts with my 25lb dumbbell and my resistance bands. In my opinion, I started seeing better results when I started to run more often. As I slowly started to average a 3.5 mile run once every other day, I could slowly see progress in myself. As you start running more and more, running slowly becomes a mental game. You want to run this next mile? Push for it. You want to beat your old record? Push for it. As long as you are in the correct mental state and can keep a good mental game while running, you’re set to go.

I’m no trainer, but what I’ve done has personally helped me in many ways. I’m more comfortable with wearing medium sized tees again. I care about my health and what I eat now. Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important things in life. Here I am now, 140 lbs and going.


I still have some fat rolls chilling around my body, but thats okay. It’s not as big as it was last year. Now I have to stop focusing on the running part and start focusing on my body with ab workouts. At least my “muffin top” is slowly going away. 

My personal recommendation:

  • Intermittent fasting. 12PM-6PM = EAT
    • 7PM-11AM = FASTING
  • Drink half a gallon of water a day.
  • Try to maintain an average of 7000 steps a day.
  • Watch what you eat. Avoid sweets, chips, and fried food
  • Count calories. Try to maintain under 1400 calories a day.
  • If you aren’t a fan of running/jogging, try to walk a lot.

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