Stock Talk: Chainlink is UNSTOPPABLE

Chainlink is breaking new records every other week.

My god what a day today. Chainlink has been on a crazy run since July. We saw it hit past $5, and ever since then the ride never stopped. Couple days ago, we saw a slight correction in which Chainlink dropped back down to $6.5 per coin, and quickly picked itself right back up to $9. I said earlier this week that we might see a $10 entry point? Guess what, I was right. It broke the $10 range last night around 11:00pm. At this rate, Chainlink is breaking new all-time-highs every other day. Today was just insane. Today also marks that Chainlink is now #6 for the most traded cryptocurrency out there.


CHAINLINK BROKE PAST $10 AND SOARED THROUGH THE ROOFS TODAY. It got so insane today that Coinbase actually halted anyone trying to buy/sell Chain for around an hour. During the time, I’m not going to lie I got pretty scared when Coinbase halted all transactions. It was stuck at $11.76 for a while and I was scared if we were gonna see it drop once the halting has been lifted. But nope, Chainlink just shot past $12 and soared all the way.


So yeah, pictured above is where you can see that Chainlink really shot the fuck up after people were allowed to trade again.

To put it into context, here is a screenshot of my total investments of my portfolio. I’m still not sure why I have 500 Tezos in my portfolio, but at least I’ve made money off from it from my initial investment. I bought Chainlink all around. I still want at least 800 more coins and then I’m set, but that is going to cost me roughly $10,000 to fulfill that, so I’ll probably be dollar-averaging throughout the time.

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 4.48.45 PM


So my total investment for everything I have right now is $9,041.55. Right now, my portfolio is sitting at $24,681.75. My portfolio is up 272% from my initial investment. I’m pretty proud of this investment. I really didn’t think about this until Chain really started to pop off last month. If I had bought more during March, then my portfolio could’ve been much higher than what it is right now, but I’m still grateful that my portfolio is in the green and not red for the first time.

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