Sneaker Talk: Air Force 1s Will Be The Next Hot Thing

Dunk hype is about to be over.

2020 is undoubtedly the year of the dunks. I wrote a blog about this trend already, so the link is Sneaker Talk: 2020 Dunk Resurgence. In 2019, we had a  couple of memorable Air Force 1s that came out. We had the Travis Scotts, CLOTs, G-Dragon Peaceminusone, What the LA/NY, and much more. 2019 we probably had an abundance of both Air Force 1s and Air Jordan 1s. Air Jordan 1s are always hot and will always be. Iconic hooping shoe and is definitely the most flexible pair out there; meaning it is wear to wear around with. Air Force 1s are great too, but I feel that they’re not getting the love that they deserve.

I truly believe that once the dunk hype is over, Air Force 1s will be hot again. And all because of who? You guessed it, Travis Scott himselfHe’s (in my opinion) the sole reason why dunks are hot again. Virgil walked so Travis could run. You have kids nowadays asking to buy whatever Travis Scott wears. He recently wore a pair of New Castle SBs and the following hour, couple pairs had been sold and he drove up the prices on those.

So what I’m implying is that if Travis Scott and the whole Cactus Jack label is starting to wear Air Force 1s, best believe that Air Force 1s will be the next big thing. I honestly don’t see dunks lasting more than 2 years tops. By 2021 I assume that people will still get tired of dunks and by 2022 comes, dunks will be dead again. When that happens, AF1s have the perfect opportunity to be the next best thing. Classics such as Linens and Taiwans will be considered grails to new fans.

Here’s a list of all my favorite AF1s of all time:

Nike Air Force 1 Low Chamber of Fear (Hype)
Nike Air Force 1 Low 1World CLOT
Nike Air Force 1 Low Year Of The Dog (2005) HYPERSTRIKE
img01 (2)
Nike Air Force 1 Low Year of the Rabbit
img01 (1)
Nike Air Force 1 Low Linen Kith Exclusive
Nike Air Force 1 Low Taiwan (2018)
img01 (3)
Nike Air Force 1 Low John Elliott White

I’m not gonna front and act like I’m one of the biggest Air Force heads out there. I only own 3 pairs out of my list, but thats better than nothing though. I just don’t know why I really didn’t like wearing Air Force 1s back then (still to this day). Whatever, I’m all for the next big hype. Dunks were a warm nostalgic feeling. It’s great that people and the newer generation are getting informed about it. Dunks were the shoe that cemented the sneaker community way back then.

But not all good things tend to stay forever…

Rule of thumb for those that don’t know how sizing works on Air Force 1s. ALWAYS GO HALF SIZE/FULL SIZE DOWN.


Don’t make the rookie mistake of going true to size. Safest route will always be going half size down. Air Forces always runs big. If you don’t believe me, go true to size and let me know how comfortable” they are after a couple wears.

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