Sneaker Talk: Don’t Sleep on the Smoke Greys

A solid investment for a decent pair of Air Jordan 1s.

The Air Jordan 1 Smoke Grey released back on 7/11/20, and I think that this shoe is pretty slept on. From a glance, you can tell that this shoe obviously mimics the 2018 Air Jordan 1 Union “Black Toe”. 

image (2)
Picture provided by Stockx.

Honestly, for an average price of $290 (after fees + tax), the Smoke Greys are an all around great shoe for those who are looking to buy their first pair of Jordan 1s. I personally wouldn’t wear the smoke greys since I’m not a fan of Jordan 1s with Suede all around. I prefer my AJ1s to be predominantly leather. With suede, you’re bound to get the shoe dirty easily, and cleaning suede isn’t easy as cleaning leather.

The smoke greys are a decent entry level pair of 1s for those who want to up switch up their shoe game. I’d say that the smoke greys are easier to wear and pull off as compared to the Royal Toes or the Court Purple White. Despite talking about entry level shoes and etc., the price for the smoke greys are pretty fair right now. I can definitely see these hit 300+ each size by the end of the year at least. Like I’ve mentioned before, 1s will always keep their value.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 7.18.43 PM
Prices as of 7/27/20

Since I think it’s too late to buy the Royal Toes right now, considering prices went up recently, I’d recommend buying a couple of the Smoke Greys and letting them sit for a while. I’m not even sure what happened and who caused these Royal Toes to shoot up recently, but I’d avoid buying these now and stick with the Smoke Greys. These shouldn’t go below $250 by the end of the in my opinion. Heck, I think people will buy up this shoe since Stockx compares these to the Unions.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 7.21.59 PM

That’s my personal opinion on the smoke greys. I wouldn’t sleep on these. I’m currently holding 2 pairs which are both size 8.5. Probably going to let these shoes go when market is around $350 or so.

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