Gaming: 5 Games I’d Recommend Playing

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It’s 4am. You just took another after playing your heart out into these competitive games. Teammate griefs and feeds? Yep. AFK in the team? Yep. You ask yourself, is there even any will left of me to play another match? You then continue and it goes on and on and on. You’re on a seven game losing streak. Maybe its time to ditch away from the competitive multiplayer games and try out some single player games. Here is my personal list for my Top 5 Single Player Games that I’d recommend playing.

Fallout 3


Before anyone says anything. I know that Fallout: New Vegas is a much better game than this title here, but I really enjoyed 3 more than NV so here’s my take. This game is extremely outdated. Fallout 3 came out back in 2008. It is 2020 right now so gameplay and mechanic wise will kind of be odd to you if you don’t remember how games were like back then.

First and foremost, Fallout 3 is the first Fallout game in the series to be published & developed by Bethesda. They’ve turned the franchise into a FPS with RPG elements mixed in. You’re going to have the casual leveling up mechanic in this game. You can assign your skill points and gain perks every time you level up. This game is open world, so the Capital Wasteland is free for you to explore. You have a choice in this game to be a hero or an absolute evil person. Whatever you do in this game reflects how others think of you, a feature called the Karma System. There are a variety of enemies in this game, ranging from: Feral Ghouls, Gunners, Raiders, Super Mutants, Deathclaws and much more. The Game of the Year Edition also adds 5 DLC content, so you can explore more places and get new loot. The modding community for this game is still alive, so you can always mod the game however you like. Whether it is changing the dynamic of the game or modding it to have seasonal features, the possibilities are endless.

Another best feature about this game? The damn soundtrack. Goddamn, I love every song featured in this game. All of the songs used in this game were from the early 1930s era. The soundtrack is just memorable. It gives a different type of feeling listening to the radio in-game while strolling down the post-apocalyptic Washington DC. Fallout 3 is one of the reason why I enjoy open world games so much.

Trust me, I know that this game might feel outdated and the controls are clunky. But once you get past that, I bet you’ll have a great time killing Feral Ghouls while exploring the Capital Wasteland.

The Last of Us 1 & Part 2


First and foremost, people that were review bombing Part 2 due to an early leak are the worst people. Of course that part was a questionable decision that the Devs decided to add in, but you can look past that. Look there’s no doubt that Sony has probably made one of their greatest IP to date. If you’re looking for a game with amazing story telling and gameplay, then The Last of Us is definitely for you.

The Last of Us takes place in a post apocalyptic world where a mutated strain called Cordyceps turn humans to be cannibalistic creatures. As it is a post-apocalyptic game, ammo and weapon is very scarce in this game. Gameplay aside, it is your usual third-person over the shoulder shooter. See the gameplay of both series are alright. Nothing really special from it. What Sony gives us is a breathtaking and beautiful masterpiece of this generation that I think everyone deserves to give this game a shot. You have great story telling alongside great characters, the two which have the best chemistry on screen. This is truly one of Sony’s magnum opus. Both 1 & 2 are breathtaking and amazing as a whole. Part 2 might not be as great as what the first installment was; but it tried taking risks and ultimately ended up dividing fans.

If you have a PS4 and you haven’t played either one of these games yet, what the hell are you waiting for?



This game might not be for everyone but I urge everyone to give this game a shot and look past its “difficulty”. Noticed how I put quotation on the word difficulty? Yeah, Bloodborne along with the Souls series don’t really have any difficulty settings. All around, the game(s) have been described as “fair & rewarding”. Bloodborne isn’t like your regular adventure games. If you are familiar with the Dark Souls series, then this game is really nothing new for you. Mechanics are ultimately the same as the previous Souls entries, but Bloodborne took a couple of those mechanics and decided to try something different.

Its fast-paced combat makes this game stand apart from its Souls entries. The enemies and the theme of this game is completely different. H.P. Lovecraft plays a huge influence in this game. Bloodborne is one of the most beautiful games to come out for the PS4. I enjoy the scenery, gameplay, and soundtrack of this game. Almost every boss battle in this game was memorable. Some were weird and annoying, you know what I’m talking about. It is sad that this game will be a PS4 exclusive, so those that dream of playing this game on 60FPS will have to wait longer, as there has been no rumors of a PC release. I wish I was able to play this game again as if it were my first time playing.

If you have a PS4 and this game goes on sale, please give this game a try. It is challenging yet rewarding. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


You do not need to play the first two entries just to play this game. Trust me. The Witcher 3 is a prime example of what every video game company should pay attention to. No microtransactions60+ content without DLC. DLCs easily 20+ hours eachGreat story telling. The list goes on and on. The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece. This is by far one of the best open-world games that I’ve played in my entire life. The map is insanely huge. 200+ side quests to do in the game, and most of them are actually interesting and rewarding.

This game is a prime example of a $60 game. Packed with content and much more, you will get your moneys worth easily. On top of that, there has been 2 DLCs to support the game, and they are equally as good as the base game. Graphics on this game are stunning, even on consoles. If you’re able to play this on the PC, mods make this game even better. There is just so much to do in this game that I don’t even know where to start at. Whether you’re fighting off wyverns or getting into fist fights, every single moment of this game is memorable.

This game is worth at any price right now. If you can get your hands on the GOTY edition, please do me a favor and play the game. I will guarantee that you will enjoy this game. 

Red Dead Redemption II

The last game on the list is no stranger to open-world games. Rockstar Studios did a fantastic job on polishing the open-world for Grand Theft Auto 5. Who thought that Rockstar wouldn’t be able to top that game? The people who doubted them thought wrong. Red Dead Redemption II is by far Rockstar’s greatest game ever. This is a finely polished open-world game, almost on the same level as Witcher 3.

What Red Dead Redemption II does well on is its attention to detail. Sure, most of the details in the game can be seen as a “chore”, but that’s the best thing about it. Rockstar pays attention to the smallest details. On top of that, this is one of the most beautiful game to come out. Actually, let me rephrase that. Red Dead Redemption II has the best graphics for this current generation of video games. Trust me on this, you will literally feel like an outlaw living in their times. The main character Arthur Morgan is by far one of the best protagonist that I’ve played as in any game. You literally feel and care for that character. Your decisions in this game can reflect on how he acts throughout the game. One of the greatest character developments throughout the game. Outstanding voice acting from every character in the game as well.

Red Dead Redemption II is just an amazing game. Its emphasis on the little details, open-world, design, and characters makes this game feel special.

This game is probably one of the best experiences you can ever feel. Words don’t do justice until you’ve played the game. 

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