Gaming: The Problem With Valorant

RIOT's most greediest game yet.

If you haven’t heard about Valorant yet, then you’re probably missing out right now since it is one of the newest game being played right now. This is RIOT Game’s 2nd game yet, so it’s a pretty big deal. Valorant is basically a mix of CS and Overwatch. Aside from all this, Valorant itself is a great game. The shooting, gameplay, mechanics, and everything about it is average. RIOT does a great job at taking ideas that already exists, and making their own copy of it. Hence League of Legends was a straight inspiration/rip-off from DoTA. However, there is one problem right now with the state of Valorant, and I’m afraid if other gaming companies follow this method, then games will no longer be the same.

I’m talking about their microtransactions.

Nowadays, having microtransactions in games are quite normal now. Even single-player games that literally have 0 online interactions offer microtransactions, in the form of in-game boosters. Starting a couple years ago, League of Legends added their own form of lootboxes in the game. It borrows the same concept as CS:GO, where you would have to pay for a key and a box to open a chest. Inside the chest lies many different cosmetics; ranging from ward skins to emotes and to champion skins. These skins & emotes can be unlocked permanently by using an in-game currency called Blue Essence (which is not purchasable). The only problem here is that in League, you are not able to sell any skins. Everything is tied to your RIOT account. For CS:GO, you are able to sell your items in the Steam Marketplace, so you can always get your money back at most.

lol 2
League of Legends lootbox prices

Now how about Valorant? First before I get into Valorant, let’s compare both pricing between RIOT points and Valorant Points. So here’s my first point. Valorant points are MUCH more expensive than League. Take a look below.

lol 1

Screenshot (61)

Yeah, Valorant is indefinitely much more pricier in the long run. How so? Let me show you an example of one of their recent skins, the ONI collection. Screenshot (63)

While yes, the skins that RIOT puts out are really cool. The designs are crazy and usually over the top. Their recent collection, Dragon, literally makes almost all of their guns a Dragon. A freaking Dragon. But for the price is it worth? N O P E. So according to the images provided above, the full bundle cost for this collection is 11,825 points, (if you buy each item individually) which equals to $109.98 for a fucking skin collection. That’s absurd. But hey, according to RIOT, if you purchase this collection all together, it will cost you ONLY (sarcastic emphasis on the ONLY) $69.96. You roughly save around 40% if you purchase the entire collection. Still, $69 can get me a brand new triple A titled game; multiple games via Steam sale, and etc. The list goes on. You can spend your hard earn $69 much more efficiently than buying just a skin from Valorant.

This type of practice is disgusting.

Let’s look at the pictures one more time. If you look closely, each skin for any gun basically costs around $20 a pop. What can you buy with $20? A full 60+ hour game. (Skyrim, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and more) Let’s take a look at the melee.Screenshot (60)

So if you purchase this melee alone, which is essentially HALF the price of the ONI collection, you’re looking at $35 for a melee skin. Hey it looks bad ass but this is no where near the $35 asking price. If you’re buying skins like this; it’s either you’re a whale and you’re blind about spending your money blindly, or you’re just extremely rich that you want to show off your cool skins to randoms. The answer is usually the former, and those are the people that will always support video game companies that will do shady things like this.

Oh I’m not done yet. These unique skins offer another type of currency called Radianite Points, which is basically used to upgrade the gun animation. Yep, so here’s the pricing of these Radianite points.

Screenshot (62)

Doesn’t look too bad so far huh? If you wanted to fully upgrade ONE of your gun’s animations, the price of that will be a total of 7600 Valorant Points, aka roughly $75. These animations range from finisher animations to reload animations. It’s basically a flex for your friends or randoms who are spectating you while you show off and lose the match.

Screenshot (59)

Congratulations, you just spent a total of $150 on this game. But you’re not even done yet. You have to get the rest of the animations to be complete. Why stop there? If you’re looking to finish the set, (which I question if you choose to do so) it’s going to roughly cost you around $475 to unlock EVERY finishing and reloading animation for the gun.

Hmmm, what can you get with $475? A lot of things. Including finding yourself a new game to play. Stop supporting games with these type of business practices. All it takes is 1 guy to buy the skin, and the rest will follow.

Please do yourselves a favor and don’t buy skins from Valorant. Let alone, don’t support games with a greedy microtransaction shop.

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