Sneaker Talk: Top 5 Shoes of the Year (So Far…)

Yea, here's my list for the top 5 shoes of the year (as of now)

Yep, my personal list for the Top 5 Shoes of 2020 so far.


image (5)

This shoe was originally leaked and rumored to be released back in late 2018. PE pairs are essentially the same and identical to this pair, with the only exception of the BASKETBALL tag behind the tongue. This is a great summer shoe to wear. It’s got a nice color blocking. All white uppers with a light blue mix makes this a clean pair of 3’s.




This shoe was 100% slept on. Released back in May 1st, this shoe was very limited and had most of their stocks located overseas in Japan. WTAPS (pronounced “dubtaps”) has been one of my all time favorite Japanese brands besides Visvim. When you first thing of WTAPS, the first image that comes to people minds are military fatigues. WTAPS has made a following by sticking true to the military inspired clothing, by releasing garments such as BDU (battle dress uniform). Overall, this collaboration was perfect. With WTAPS’ iconic olive drab colorway mixed in with these 992, WTAPS created a timeless colorway and probably one of the best 992s out there.


image (1)

Seeing this shoe early caught me off guard. During the year of the dunks, I didn’t expect Nike to re-release couple dunks based off of the BTTYS campaign. So far we had this, Kentucky, and the St. Johns release, but out of all them, the Syracuse easily takes the spot. Perfect summer shoe. Everyone likes Orange shoes all of a sudden so this shoe was a no brainer. It’s basically a 2 for 1: dunks are hot again and orange is a hot colorway now. I doubt we will see a retro of the Michigan & UNLV dunks since Virgil did his take on those shoes.


image (3)


When these shoes were first leaked during Virgil’s MCA Chicago exhibition were these 4s and the Bred 4s. The Bred 4s are really just a lazy update to the regular Bred 4s. Reminds me of how “long” he took to create the late Pop Smoke’s Cover art for his posthumous album. Anyways, this shoe is stupid clean. All sail upper with different tones of sail throughout the shoe. Virgil is about to have people who never wore 4’s in their lives before all of a sudden wanting this specific pair. On a further note, this colorway & collaboration reminds me of the Hender Scheme collaboration that took place a couple years ago. Maybe that was Virgil’s inspiration? But knowing Virgil, he is one big plagiarizer.



image (2)

Gonna get this out there, when I first saw these shoes I thought they were pure trash. Who would wear a piss-yellow sole? Virgil hasn’t had any good collaborations with Nike/Jordan Brand and to be honest, I thought he ultimately fell off. Everything he released in 2019 was garbage. His last Jordan Collaboration was back in 2018.  The more I glanced at this shoe and the moment I saw this shoe in person, I knew I was an idiot for doubting these. Perfect tone of grey. I actually appreciate the yellowed sole. One of the best thing about this shoe is that the back of the shoe isn’t as chunky and padded as most 5s are. It’s definitely a rare move to remove the padding/support of the shoe, but it makes the shoe look a lot nicer. This is undoubtedly one of Virgil’s top 5 shoes he’s ever worked on with Nike/Jordan Brand.


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