Sneaker Talk: Top 10 Air Jordan 1 Highs (Of All Time)

My personal pick on my top 10 AJ1s of all time.

Here’s my personal opinion on my Top 10 AJ1s that have ever been released throughout its time. No mids & no lows.

#10: Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott

Picture provided by Stockx

Ah yes, Travis Scott’s 4th Nike Shoe & 2nd Jordan Brand collaboration might be his all time best. Flipped & exaggerated swoosh, with premium leather & suede all around. Secret stash around the collars too, this shoe is definitely one of (if not) his best work to date yet. Resell prices have stayed around the $1500 range for almost a year now; showing that this shoe will not really see below the $1000 range

#9: Air Jordan 1 High Storm Blue

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 3.05.40 AM
Picture provided by Stadium Goods

This shoe was slept on. The only reason why these shoes are in high demand right now is due to the recent Union Air Jordan 1 collaboration, which basically made this shoes almost double their prices since then. Prior to the Union collaboration, people were sleeping on this shoe. It’s an all around great shoe in my opinion. Perfect colorblocking, you get that AJ1 High cut, and premium materials.

#8 Air Jordan 1 High Neutral Grey


This is probably one of the only shoe that Jordan Brand has never retroed throughout the time. It was only a 1 time release back in 1985. So yeah, you can expect prices for these to be very high. With a rumored release in 2021, you can bet that people will go crazy for this shoe. Basically an all-white/grey Jordan 1. This shoe screams vintage.

#7 Air Jordan 1 High Royal

image (1)
Picture provided by Stockx. This is the 2017 pair

The Royals always stood out to me due to its variety of blue shades. 2001 pair had a good shade of royal, 2013 was atrocious, and 2017 did its justice right. I just didn’t like these compared to the Breds because the breds had a lot of sentimental value to me, and I though that the Red was more eye-catching and popping. I basically just wanted the attention anywhere I go.

#6 Air Jordan 1 High Off White Chicago

Picture provided by Stockx

Speaking of attention, this shoe is just an eye-catcher. People either got the bag like that and are casually wearing these shoes, or they’re just rocking fakes. (which I have no problem with) In my opinion, this is Virgil Abloh’s magnum opusHe started off with The Ten collection so strong, and just fell off throughout the years. I think after this shoe came out, people started paying attention to Nike and Jordan Brand more than ever, which led to a decline in the hype & demand for Adidas.

#5 Air Jordan 1 High Shadows

image (1)
Pictured provided by Stockx This is the 2018 pair

Such a great shoe to wear all around. Very neutral and goes well with almost everything. A staple AJ1 piece to have in the collection. Prices before The Last Dance were relatively low and are now kinda doubling their price now. The Shadows are a great entry level shoe for those out there who want to start on their AJ1 collection.

#4 Air Jordan 1 High Chicago

image (4)
Picture provided by Stockx. This is the 2015 pair.

Easily one of the if not the MOST iconic Jordan 1 of all time. Colors were based off of Michael Jordan’s time with the Chicago Bulls. This shoe is the real deal. A staple in almost every Jordan collection. Too bad I don’t own a pair quite yet, but I hope to own a pair one day. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Chicagos.

#3 Air Jordan 1 High Union Black Toe & Blue Toe

Arguably the best shoe of 2018. Heck, it is probably one of my top 5 shoes that came out in the last decade. This was Union LA’s first collaboration with Jordan Brand, and they killed it on the pair of shoes alongside with their clothing. You have that aged midsole. Exaggerated wings logo on the shoe, and a mismatch for each shoe. To top it off with mismatch laces that goes well together. A collaboration done well.  I couldn’t decide on just including 1 pair, so I had to include both of them together.

#2 Air Jordan 1 High Bred

image (4)
Picture provided by Stockx. This is the 2016 pair

Regardless of the year (except 2013), Jordan Brand has executed this shoe flawlessly every time they came out. 1994 had the best materials, 2001 had the best shade of red, 2013 was atrocious, and 2016 basically mimicked the 1994s but with better quality and materials. Growing up, I had always loved the Bred colorway. I loved Bred 1s and Bred 11s. Those were my favorite shoes early on in high school. Probably the only pair of Jordans that I’d consider wearing back then despite SB dunks. What made this shoe so valuable to me was that the Breds were actually my first pair of Jordans that I purchased by myself. I remember one of my good friends Wesley sold his 2001 pair to me back in 2015, and I still have that pair to this date. It just meant to much to me. I never really enjoyed Jordans until I owned my first pair.

#1 Air Jordan 1 High Fragment

image (2)
Picture provided by Stockx

This is my shoe of the decade. Fragment design’s Hiroshi Fujiwara did one of his best works with Nike and Jordan Brand with this collaboration. It is essentially a Black Toe AJ1 in every way except the tongue being black & the game royal color. Even if this shoe didn’t have that fragment stamp, these would’ve still been in my Top 5 AJ1s of all time for me still. I just love the colorway behind this shoe. Jordan Brand tries to play around with the color by releasing shoes that almost resembles the Fragments, but nothing comes close to the original.

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