Stock Talk: Never Go Bearish on Tesla

Don't be an idiot like me and try to short $TSLA.

As the title suggests, don’t ever go full on “bear mode” when it comes to the juggernaut $TSLA. This stock is literally like the feeling of taking an adderall, while at the same time downing a can of Red Bull. Tesla is just a ball of energy and pumps up so much adrenaline. Last week I mentioned that Tesla hit $1079 per share right? Well if you’ve been following with the stock market, from June 30 to July 10, Tesla shot up by another 43%.

Earlier in the week, I decided to say fuck it and get some calls and puts to hold throughout the week. Mind you that this was during the July 4th weekend, so I was holding the positions from Thursday all the way until Monday. During that week I was just so anxious about everything. I couldn’t wait to see the results of my Tesla put. Here were my positions.


My call did pretty well. I did end up selling it a bit too early throughout the day, as I sold it for a mere $500 profit instead of the potential $5500 profit. Then again, profit is profit so I’m just glad that at least the calls on my end were profitable. The put however, totally wrecked me. Pictured below is the selling price of both of my positions.


$2,500 to $75. Sick huh? Yeah the moral of this whole little rant is that never doubt the sheer power of Tesla and Elon. At the end of the day, yoloing $2500 on Tesla puts were 100% my fault. That’s just straight gambling. I thought that the market would see a sell off early Monday morning, but that didn’t happen. Tesla hit $1300 by the beginning of the week and finishing off the week at $1500 per share. I’m all for Tesla at this moment. There are so many potential things that can happen with Tesla. We have the battery day announcement still, earnings on the 22nd of July, and it’s rumor possible entry of the S&P 500. At this rate, it doesn’t seem that Tesla is going to stop anytime soon. Unless of course our manipulated market crashes and the bubble that actually exists finally pops and every stock just plummets. Till then, I’m all bullish for Tesla.

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