Sneaker Talk: Grails

Last 5 shoes I need before I retire.

I feel that it’s crucial for me to make this post because I’ve seen the word grail being tossed around left and right. What justifies a grail? It’s price? Rarity? There are so many factors that contribute to what can be considered a grail. People are entitled to their own taste and values. One person’s grail can be worth $4,000, while another person’s grail can be worth $500. Personally for me, my type of grails heavily rely on the rarity factor. Shoes that not many people know about. Shoes that are a “IYKYK” type. With these shoes here that are “rare”, of course price is going to have an effect on them. Nonetheless, I have 5 shoes left in my wishlist that I would love to own one day. I can confidently say that if I do own these shoes one day, I will stop buying shoes for a long time. A bold statement indeed, but if I can quit the shoe game with owning these grails, I’d say it’s a swan song of its own.

Nike Dunk Low Premium Undefeated Splatter


I’ve never seen any pairs pop up for sale. There are supposedly only 24 in existence. So yeah this is going to take me a while to find. The only reason I want this shoe is because I completed the other splatter packs, the grey colorway and the pink colorway. I thought it would be fitting to one day obtain this pair to truly break the internet. Also, it would help my OCD if I can find a size 8.5 for the Undefeated Splatters, since the other 2 Splatter dunks are both 8.5. I haven’t given up on looking for this shoe yet. Recently Stockx added in the Splatter dunks to their marketplace, so hopefully someone lists their 8.5 in a reasonable price and I’ll finally take this shoe out of the list.

Nike Air Force 1World “CLOT”


Arguably one of the best AF1 collaborations of all time. CLOT’s Edison Chen and Kevin Poon killed it with this collaboration. This is the only AF1 collaboration with CLOT and Nike to showcase a visible air bubble on their AF1s. Sporting a red silk upper and black leather underneath, this shoe was the gateway for their future AF1 collaborations continuing their Silk theme. I’ve been looking for a pair for a while now and I haven’t seen any pop up in my size, let alone for a decent price. I’ve only started to look for this shoe after Clot teamed up again with Nike to work on the AF1s, but with the help of fragment design. It was essentially the opposite of this OG pair: black silk upper with red leather underneath. This shoe should be particularly easier to find compared to the Undefeated Splatters.

Nike Dunk Low “Stash”


There’s just something about street/graffiti artists that can turn any shoe they work on into art pieces. We have the UNKLE SB dunk highs, Futura SB dunk lows, SBTG SB dunk lows, and Eric Haze dunk lows /highs. Stash turned this shoe into something special. I really like the design of the shoe. It’s very sleek and eye-popping. I don’t even know the going price for this shoe considering I haven’t seen any for sale in a while. Supposedly there were only 55 pairs made for this shoe, so that’s still pretty hard to find.

Nike Air Max 1 “Lemonade”

image (2)

If you know about AM1s, then this should be a no brainer to you. Part of the Powerall collection, Nike released 56 different pairs of shoe under this collection, and a majority of the memorable ones were the Air Max 1s. With the potential rumor that these shoes might get retroed in 2020, these Lemonades will easily be the shoe of the year. I’m hoping that they retro this pair so I can finally grab my hands on these beauties.

Air Jordan 4 Travis Scott “Purple Dynasty”

image (4)

These Purple jawnz are the best colorway out of the other FnF pairs floating around. There are 2 pairs of the Purple Dynasty supposedly; one pictured here, and another with a white midsole and translucent sole. Anyways, I found this pair here on sale for $50,000. That’s a brand new Lexus. Also basically a brand new Model 3. Will I ever spend that much on a pair of shoe? Hell no, but a man can dream of owning these. These are probably one of my all time unobtainable shoe for me. I don’t think I’ll even have a chance of owning this shoe anytime soon.


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