Sneaker Talk: My Top 10 Shoes (As of April 2020)

Being quarantined at home gave me a lot of time to think about my favorite shoes in my collection. There are so many shoes to choose from, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to keep it just to a simple TOP 10 in my collection.

#10 Nike Air Force 1 Low “Year of the Dog” 2005 Hyperstrike


Back in 2005, Nike decided to pay homage to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar by releasing limited shoes based on the Chinese Zodiac’s animals. For 2005, it was the year of the dog and Nike released 2 different versions. The one pictured above is the hyperstrike release, and the regular red pair is the quickstrike release. This shoe is crazy when it comes to its colors. Starting it off, you’ll notice that this shoe actually has a pony-like hair material on the back of the shoe. The theme all around this shoe pays homage for the Tibetan Mastiff. Overall, I like the design and backstory of this shoe. It is probably one of my only pair of Air Forces that made it to this list.

#9 Air Jordan 1 High “Travis Scott”


Yep, I’ll probably get a lot of flack for having this shoe on my Top 10 list. Despite all of the hype surrounding this shoe, I really like the shoe. This is probably the only shoe that I went crazy on. I ended up buying 9 pairs of these when they first came out. I still have a majority of them left, but I’m just holding onto them for the time being. Travis Scott has a spectrum of Nike and Air Jordan collaborations throughout the time, ranging from Air Jordan 33s to his newest Air Max 270 Reacts. Overall, I think this is his best shoe that he’s made.

#8 Nike Air Max 1 Patta “Denim Corduroy”

image (1)

This shoe on this list is probably the only shoe that could’ve been something else. I was going to put the Air Max 1 Atmos “Elephant” on this list, but this will suffice for now. Patta has made some of the best Air Max 1 designs of all time. They have the famous Patta Cherrywoods and Patta Chlorophyll Green. Patta is by far one of the famous Air Max 1 contributors when it comes to being hailed as “one of the best collaborators”. I really like this pair. The denim corduroy pair is one of the pairs that is really slept on and not many people talk about it. The denim pair came out during the same year as the chlorophylls. People liked the chlorophylls more because it was basically a regular Air Max 1 Infrared but with updated and different materials.

#7 Nike Air Yeezy 1 Zen Grey “Promotional Pair”

image (2)

I wasn’t able to find a clear picture of the promotional pair, so I’ll just use the release pair for the time being. Owning this shoe means a lot to me because this is my first “sample/promotional” pair of any shoe in general. You can tell the difference between the release pair and promotional pair is that the inner socklining of the shoe is a darker orange on the promotional pair. The materials are slightly different. On the tag of the shoe, it has the “9999999” which represents it being a promotional pair.

#6 Nike SB Dunk High “HUF”

image (3)

Going into our first SB in the list, the Nike SB Dunk High Huf is one of my favorite Dunk High out there. In collaboration with SF based skateboard shop HUF, Nike and HUF teamed up to work on a pair of the SB Dunk Highs which is considered a grail to many. The theme of this shoe pays homage to the late 60s and early 70s. You have your faded black uppers all around the shoe, faded laces, and an iconic tie-dye splatter behind the swoosh. It took me a while to find this shoe in my size, and I’m grateful that I was able to find this pair in great condition.

#5 Air Jordan 1 High “Bred”

image (4)

You’re not a true sneakerhead if Bred 1s aren’t in your top shoes of all time. This shoe means a lot to me. The Air Jordan 1 Bred is actually my first pair of Jordan 1s that I ever bought back then. It has so much sentimental value to me that talking about this shoe gives me goosebumps. This shoe is so iconic. It needs no introduction. The Breds are a classic staple and deserves to be in everyone’s rotation as a sneakerhead. Every release of the breds have been A1 (except the horrible 2013 pair).

#4 Nike SB Dunk High “UNKLE”

image (5)

Arguably one of the BEST Nike SB Dunk Highs ever made. Nike collaborated with MoWax artist UNKLE and delivered one of the best looking shoes out there. Featuring graphics from legendary street artist Futura, this shoe just seals the deal. It’s so beautiful that I think that this shoe should be displayed in Museums and art shows.

#3 Nike SB Dunk Low “Heineken”

image (6)

The Heinekens are one of if not the most coveted pair of SB Dunk Lows out there. Prices back then were high already. Now during this SB craze, good luck finding a used pair of Heinekens under $1000. Despite the hype to it, the color blocking of this shoe is spot on. It’s basically the same colorblocking as the Celtics Low, but with a black swoosh instead. This is a definition of a true SB grail.

#2 Nike SB Blazer “Supreme” Red 2006

image (1)

Supreme’s third collaboration with Nike might be their best collaboration of all time. Ditching the dunk model this time around, Nike and Supreme teamed up on the Blazer, giving us a white, black, and red colorway of this set. Out of the set, the red colorways stands out the most. It’s a beautiful shoe to look at. Quilted leather on the upper, snakeskin design on the swoosh, and Gucci inspired pulltab on the back; this shoe just screams out high fashion.

#1 Air Jordan 1 High “Fragment Design”

image (2)

This shoe here needs no introduction. Arguably one of the best AJ1s of all time, fragment design’s Hiroshi Fujiwara killed the design of this shoe. It’s essentially a Black Toe but replaced with a sport royal colorway. I love this shoe so much. In fact, I actually have 2 pairs of this shoe just because. I definitely beat the shit out of this shoe so much to the point its starting to show signs of separation, but that’s what shoes are meant for.

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