Sneaker Talk: Finally Finished The Supreme Blazer Set

After many years (3 to be exact) of searching for the Nike Sb Supreme Blazer Pack, I’ve finally completed the set. It only took me a good 3 years to find the pack in immaculate condition. Sadly, only one pair that I own is DS, but the other two shoes are in great condition. If I wanted to complete the set, I would like to have the sizes of the shoe range from 8.5-9.5 with OG all. Now honestly, I didn’t think that I would complete this set anytime soon. Completing this set wasn’t my main priority. The set that I really wanted to complete first was the Nike Sb Supreme Dunk Low Pack. I have the original black cement dunk with OG all and the 2012 re-release red cement pair in DS condition.


For those of you guys that do not know what I’m talking about, Nike teamed up with the skateboard brand Supreme for a collaboration that really took things to the next level. Nike and Supreme first collaborated back in 2002, releasing their coveted black cement and white cement dunk. The following year, Nike and Supreme teamed up again and released a Dunk High collaboration. Borrowing colors from Nike’s BTTYS theme, Nike released another set of coveted dunks. 3 years later, Nike and Supreme teamed up again and collaborated on the Blazer silhouette.

This collaboration is what really put quality materials to good use. The uppers of the shoe are comprised of quilted leather, a material that you would see on famous Chanel bags. The lace tips at the end of the laces comprised of gold finishes. The back tab of the shoe has a Gucci inspired pull tab, with a gold circlet that barely says Supreme. As you can tell, this is one highly sought after shoe. Prices back then were high already, and now with the whole Nike SB craze, prices are even more jacked up. The most sought out colorway as the Red pair, then it goes to Black and lastly White.

The black blazer was actually one of the first shoe of the set that I picked up. I picked up this black pair back in late 2015 for $600. I basically used one of my week’s worth of paychecks for this shoe, and I do not regret it at all. Now, during the time I picked up the black pair, I didn’t really have any second thoughts on finishing the set. I thought back then it was something out of my doing, and I had no interest buying other pairs. Later on in 2018, I ended up picking up the white pair for $1100. I thought at that time that price was pretty high, but it was a hefty investment as it is the only shoe in the set that is Brand New with laces attached, which is something that you don’t really see too often. Now, with 2 pairs out of the 3 in the set, I had to do something and find the last pair. It took me almost a good 3 years to find the red pair because you rarely see any red pairs on the market. At the time, if it was on the market, it either sold out really fast or people were asking for an arm and leg for them. I kept on constantly checking on apps such as GOATEbay, Rakuten, and Facebook just to find that last pair. Also, what was the other underlying factor that made it hard to find? I was looking for a size 8.5.

I ended up finding a pair online via Facebook last week and I was so hyped for them. 8.5 Red Supreme Blazers in immaculate condition. The only problem was that the box came with a label that says size 9 and the shoes didn’t come with red laces. Other than that, it was something that I couldn’t really complain about. I was just really glad that I was able to finally find a pair in my size.

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