Sneaker Talk: Nike Air Max 270 React Travis Scott Review

It’s a no brainer that Travis Scott is one of the biggest influencer of this generation. From his critically acclaimed album Astroworld, to having a huge Nike/Air Jordan deal which resulted in many collaborations between the brand, it doesn’t seem like Travis is bound to stop anytime soon. After the highly anticipated release of his Nike Sb Dunk Low collaboration, Travis has another collaboration up his sleeve, and to be honest, I don’t think it’s any good.

In my hand today, I was able to pick up an early pair of the questionable collaboration between Travis Scott and the Nike Air Max 270 React silhouette.


This shoe was scheduled to release on April 10th 2020, but due to the Coronavirus epidemic going on, this shoe was delayed till May 2020 for the time being. So the question’s out there, does this shoe live up to its expectations? The answer for me is a fat no.

Starting off with the shoe, you have your typical sandy/dusty like colorway that Travis is usually a fan of. The midsole of the shoe is a dyed/faded/oxidized yellow color, which mimics the overall uppers of the Air Jordan 1 High Nigel Sylvester. The toebox consists of a premium suede material that is offset by its mocha color, and its inclusion of the mini swoosh. The overall shoe is made up of mesh followed by a rubber caging. One big feature of the shoe that caught my eye was the removal of the Swoosh logo on the 270s. Most 270s (if not all) have the prominent swoosh logo on the shoe.

Instead, Travis gives out a mini swoosh (the orange color swoosh) that is stitched on to a felt-like material. Travis changed the 270s tongue by giving us a vertical tongue label that includes an interesting lace lock, which I thought was pretty decent. If he had went with the regular 270 tongue, the shoe wouldn’t even be decent.


Pretty much the only thing that I like about this shoe is the pull tab. Even tho it just says Cactus Jack, it’s a nice little touch to the shoe. On the insoles of the shoe, you have the typical Cactus Jack logo and symbol branding on the shoe.

Overall, this is one of the worst Travis Scott collaborations in a while. I’m pretty sure that Travis Scott didn’t want to collaborate on the Air Max 270 silhouette. I’m not hating on the silhouette at all. I just think the reason why Nike had Travis to collaborate on this was to simply build hype for this shoe. Maybe after this shoe people will start wearing 270s again. As I’ve mentioned before and a countless amount of times, if you slap the Travis Scott name on any product, it will 100% sell out immediately. No one asked for a 270 collaboration, and I hope we don’t get another 270 collaboration in the mean time.

Even with all of the hype surrounding this shoe, I still wouldn’t buy it. The only reason I bought this shoe was to give everyone an early look/review on the shoe itself. Early pairs have been floating around for a month or so now, but I don’t think anyone has reviewed the shoe just yet. If we’re talking about Nike wanting Travis to revive some dead models, I would speculate that the next couple of shoes he would have his touch on would be the React Presto, React 87/55, and possibly the Air Jordan 7s/8s.

If this shoe wasn’t a Travis Scott collaboration, you would see this shoe on outlets.

Is this shoe going to sellout? Yes. 

Is this shoe going to be memorable? No. 


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