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For today’s post, I’d thought that it would be a good and fun idea of giving out personal recommendations on what to invest on during this time of age. There are multiple outlets of where and what to invest on, but for today I’ll try to keep things short and concise at the same time.


I don’t usually like to invest in cryptocurrency because it’s very volatile, but Chainlink is an exception. So what Chainlink is a cryptocurrency (alt-coin) that specializes to build bridges between payment services ranging from banks, VISA, Paypal, and even other cryptos. How do these payment services all reach from one end to another? That’s where Chainlink comes into play. It helps connects blockchain-based contracts to payment networks/services, external data, and real-world events.

During this past year, Chainlink has hit its all time high of $4.92 per coin, which helped solidify its status in the cryptocurrency world. As of right now, it is #11 of the top all time cryptocurrency market cap.

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.31.04 PM
Chart provided by Coinmarketcap

Out of all of the many different coins out there to invest in, why specifically Chainlink?

Yes, there are many other coins out there that are slightly cheaper than Chainlink. We have Tezos, EOS, Stellar, Cardano, Tron, Ripple, and many other coins out there. But out of all the other coins, Chainlink still has some room to grow and become more centralized during the next couple years. It’s still a good price to buy into ($3.21 as of April 8, 2020), and I think it still has room left to grow. Chainlink is one of the more useful coin out there; one with a clear purpose to help build bridges between many different sources of payment services all together.

EXPECTATIONS: Do not expect this to be the next bitcoin. It’s not gonna hit in the 5 digits area anytime soon. Many investors are within the assumption that within the next couple years (3 at least), Chainlink would be at around $10.

I would just highly advise to only invest at most $1,000 to $1,500. I do think that the price of $3.20, it is still a good buy in my opinion.

My crypto portfolio

I bought 1000 coins at around $4.45, and averaged down when it was around $2-$3 last month. Again, I wouldn’t suggest putting in this much money if you’re not comfortable with it, but I see this as a long-term investment so I have no plans on taking or selling any Chainlink at the moment.


DISCLAIMER: Do your due diligence first. Once again, this is my personal recommendation.

VISA ($V) Price Per Share: $174.94

If you were able to buy into VISA at around $150, then congratulations, that was a smart purchase. Even at $170 price point, VISA is still a good buy and here are the reasons why.

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 10.11.59 PM

As we all know, Coronavirus has impacted many communities and people around each other. Stock markets have tumbled. People lost their jobs. Many small companies are forced to shut down. People are forced to stay at home during this epidemic.

Face-to-face transactions will rarely be conducted, if necessary. The coronavirus got many people overthinking on how the virus spreads. So what’s the best way to avoid doing face-to-face transaction but to continue spending money? Online spending.

Since most people are indoors quarantining themselves, they have no other option but to purchase their necessities online. As in-store shopping will see a decline, online shopping will see a rise due to many consumers having no choice but to stay at home. With an influx of e-commerce transactions throughout the time, VISA will be a good purchase during this epidemic.

EXPECTATIONS: VISA is a good buy in my book. I think if the Coronavirus will still have people contained in their homes, people will no matter what use their debit or credit card online to purchase goods. VISA has room to grow back to where it was before too. VISA would be a good long-term hold.

DISNEY ($DIS) Price Per Share: $101.07 (Could get lower)

Although $101 a pop for a DIS share doesn’t sound like a bad idea, I would highly just recommend waiting a couple more weeks (particularly after earnings) and see what happens from there. I believe that it could possibly go back to its $85 price point, or maybe even lower.

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 10.35.02 PM

Disney is in a very weird place right now. Former CEO Bob Iger stepped down from the company on February 25th, 2020. Now, Iger single-handedly left an impact on Disney. He helped changed up Disney themeparks, helped out with the purchase of LucasFilms, and his involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To be honest, without him feels like losing a kidney. It might be replaceable, but it will never be the same as it was before.

On top of that, Disney is getting smacked due to the coronavirus pandemic. A majority of their cruises are temporary closed. Disney Parks are closed globally. And many big blockbuster hits (Mulan & Black Widow), are delayed indefinitely. Disney is only raking money in at the moment from its Disney+ subscription. Even so with Disney+, the effects of Coronavirus have postponed the launch of Disney+ in India. The launch was supposed to be on March 29, 2020 alongside the start of the Indian Premier League (which is one of India’s most watched and most promoted cricket tournament). What’s important about this? India is currently sitting at the #2 spot as the most populous country; with an estimated population count of 1.3 billion people.

EXPECTATIONS: I would say Disney is a good buy once prices hit around $90. Personally, I would be holding off on buying Disney until after they announce their earnings, which is May 6th after hours. Price can go either one of two ways after earnings, but I would say just keep an eye out for Disney.


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