Thoughts: How I’m Benefiting From the Quarantine

This post goes out to everyone that has been stuck at home due to the Coronavirus. If you’re still going out to work or school (somehow) then don’t bother reading this post at all. This is just 100% my experience and my opinion.


Jokes aside. I’d say its almost been an entire month where I’ve officially been stuck at home. My job has been halted for the time being, and god knows when I’ll be able to go back to work. I speculate probably around mid May to mid June, but who knows when the coronavirus will officially die down. It’s actually a really big fucking problem right now and I’m kinda scared to see the outcome of this.

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s been almost a month since I’ve been at home almost 23 hours a day. Yep. 23 hours a day. Only time I would go out would be to get some fresh air or drop off some packages at UPS/USPS. But other than that, I’m at home 23 hours a day. It sounds bad but believe me, it really isn’t.

So what have I been doing during these times?

During the quarantine, I’ve been trying to pick up a language to learn on my free time. I’ve been trying to learn mandarin and cantonese, just so that it’ll benefit me in the long run for my own good and my future. I’ve ran out of games to play, so I recently started playing League of Legends again. Yep, that game again. COVID-19 really got me staying at home playing games that I would never thought about playing again. I’ve been also “running” a lot more often now. Well I say running with quotations because it’s just basically me using the treadmill, since I can’t risk going outside and run during the time being. I’ve even watched anime, Mob Psycho 100/200 to be exact. But none of these activities really benefit me. How has this situation benefited me?

So my mother recently claimed for WFH from her job, and now she’s also home 23 hours a day. If you know me, then you know that I would really only see my mother AFTER work (which is like 10pm-11pm usually from Wednesdays – Sundays), and mainly Monday and Tuesdays on my off days. My dad works from home on a daily basis since that what his job requires him to do. I basically see my dad more than my mom at this point. But ever since I’ve been at home due to no work and her being able to work from home, it actually feels really good to see my mother almost everyday now.

I’ve never realized that when I was working I basically only saw my mother everyday for a total of 2 hours, since she waits to see me when I get home right before falling asleep. This quarantine has gotten me realizing that I should never take family gatherings granted. It’s been a great month being able to do family things together. Eating lunch/dinner on the dining table, helping everyone with their errands, and pissing everyone off occasionally. It’s times like these where I sit back and think about how important family is.  Even my dog is happy to see us everyday. He might be confused on why we’re all suddenly at home 24/7, but hey if everyone in the house is happy with having each other at home, then I’m all for it.

Family time is important. Take this time to catch up with your family and talk to them everyday.

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