Sneaker Talk: 2020 Dunk Resurgence

It’s a no brainer that 2020 is the Year of the Dunks. Nike has been popping Dunks almost every month, and I can’t complain about that. Everyone wants a piece of that dunk pie. Everyone wants to get their hands on these elusive Nike Dunk models. Whether its an SB Dunk or a regular dunk, anything with the name “DUNK” attached to it will have consumers drooling all over it. Well, what necessarily started the dunk craze? By now it’s a no brainer that Travis Scott is one of the biggest influencer to this fresh new decade. Anything that he puts his name behind will always attract a consumer following. He had a collaboration with the Jordan 33s, and now he’s about to collaborate on the Nike Air Max 270 silhouette. He made those Jordan 33s sell out, and he’s about to do that again with his Air Max 270s collab. Anything that he wears, fans go crazy over that. Arguably, both Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh have helped paved the revival of Dunks/SB Dunks all across the globe. Both influencers have had their fair share of a Dunk collaboration.

Now, I’m not going to show and tell every dunk that these particular individuals have worn back then. Both Travis and Virgil have been wearing dunks for some time now. Some of these dunks are in my opinion, what caught my eye back then. Pictured above, these are some examples that Virgil Abloh recently wore dunks again before the craze. This was back in 2018. Prices were still fairly cheap back then.

Travis Scott arguably had one of his biggest years back in 2018. He had his first collaboration with Jordan Brand, in which he collaborated on the Jordan 4 silhouette. This shoe paid homage to his hometown team which were formerly called the Houston Oilers. Then, later on the year he had another pair of the Air Force 1s that came out, specifically in a sail color way that coincided the release of his 3rd studio album, Astroworld.

Following the success of Astroworld, Travis Scott wasn’t stopping there. He had multiple concerts and merchandises, in which in my opinion, is as almost as big as how Kanye had merchandise for the release of The Life of Pablo. Nothing was stopping Travis. He dominated almost everything. Singles, charts, merchandises, and even shoe collaborations; Travis had no signs on looking back.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 2.06.19 AM

SICKO MODE is by far one of Travis’ biggest song out there. You can say what you want about SICKO MODE, but unfortunately numbers do not lie about its popularity. It has been currently streamed/listened to over 982 million times (as of April 6, 2020), beating his old record from Goosebumps. The song is alright, the only reason why this song really blew up (in my opinion) is because of Drake. Moving on, once the music video dropped, I was pretty shocked at what I saw. Albeit, the visuals on this video were above average and I did enjoy them.

As you can tell by looking at the picture above, Travis was spotted wearing a pair of the elusive What the Dunks SB. For those that are not familiar with the shoe, let me explain it to you. Released back in 2007 (during the golden box era), Nike made one of the craziest shoe that ultimately started the “what the” series. The whole shoe consists of 31 different pairs of SB dunks.


Now, this was one of the craziest shoes that I saw Travis wore. I thought to myself, maybe he’s only wearing this “grailed” pair and nothing else after. Oh boy was I wrong. Travis kept rolling out heat after heat after heat. He wasn’t wearing your regular SB GRs (general releases), he was wearing the coveted ones that everyone dreams of owning one day. Pictured below is him wearing a pair of Nike SB Medicom 2 Dunk Low. When you see one of the biggest influencer wearing coveted shoes, you know he’s about to build a following and have people dress exactly like him.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 2.08.40 AM

I think things really started to take off during early 2019 when Travis was spotted wearing more Dunk SBs. In fact, he was mainly wearing SB Dunks and his shoes during 2019.

Overall, I think it is safe to say that both Travis and Virgil have been credited with the resurgence of dunks. Travis particularly hyped up mainly the SB dunks, as prices have been skyrocketing like you’ve never seen them before. Are dunks here to stay in 2020? I believe so. I don’t think they’re gonna die out anytime soon. It is 100% going to be the new wave (for those new cats) for those that never own/wore a pair of dunks before in their lifetime.

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