Gaming: Hearthstone Dragon Priest (Archived 2018)

Dragon Priest rocks!

It’s been a very long time since I made a post about Hearthstone. I’ve missed out on talking about expansions from Kobolds to Witchwood and even the latest expansion, Boomsday project. From now on, I hope to keep these hearthstone posts up to date and on going. I haven’t actually played a lot of the game since Kobolds I believe, where I hit rank 7 in Wild using the Malygos Druid. I’ll probably do an in depth post about Malygos Druid later on in the future, but for now, I’ll be talking about *Dragon Priest*.

Arguably one of my other favorite wild decks to play right now besides Renolock. The infamous Giantslock got destroyed into pieces, with Naga Sea Witch becoming a 8 mana card now from a 5 mana. To this day now, I don’t believe people will be seeing any Giants deck in the Wild format anymore. Good riddance, it was one of the most pathetic deck to ever surface in Constructed.

The Dragon Priest deck that I curated is more of a “tempo” like deck, where you would hope to draw your low cost minions first, and snowball the game with ongoing dragons from the deck. The deck list is provided below here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.40.13 AM

No new cards have really been added since Duskbreaker and Psychic Scream. I couldn’t find any other cards that would fit perfectly in this deck from the recent expansions. Although, I’ve only played less than 20 matches, the win rate for this deck so far is superb. Some would agree that this deck would be considered an aggro deck due to the inclusion of Shadow Ascendant.

Since I named this deck “aggro dragon” in Hearthstone, I’d agree that this is somewhat of an aggro deck. Provided below is the full statistical results of all the matches that I’ve played against.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.39.32 AM

The plan for this deck is fairly simple. Hope to mulligan for Northshire Cleric, (any dragon), Wyrmrest Agent and Kabal Talonpriest. There has been a countless amount of times where I won games due to this insane hand opener. Drop the Wyrmrest Agent on turn 2. Hope it survives and doesn’t die to Flamecannon or Soulfire, and turn 3 play Kabal Talonpriest. Or either playing Blackwing Technician on turn 3 while holding a dragon and following it up with a Kabal Talonpriest/ Velen’s Chosen is a great turn.

Most of the time, Wyrmrest Agent, Netherspite Historian, Duskbreaker, and Blackwing Corruptor can seal the games. Wyrmrest Agent and Duskbreaker does its job at clearing the board flooded by cheap enemy minions. I’ve added an Excavated Evil just in case Duskbreakers aren’t doing too well in the deck, but it still does well against aggro decks. Velen’s Chosen is mainly used to buff your cheap minions like Northshire Cleric, Twilight Whelp, Netherspite Historian, and Wyrmrest Agent. Dr. Boom is just there to fill that 7 mana slot. I added because I was running out of minions to play at turn 7. Bonemare is there to either buff up your taunt minions or used as a finisher in some cases. I didn’t feel the need to add 2 of them since, by turn 8, if you are winning against your opponent, there isn’t a reason to add another Bonemare.

Although this deck, seems all perfect as I’m typing it up about it, there are some flaws with this deck as well. Now, the worst part about this deck is not drawing any dragons at all. This has happened a couple times, where I wouldn’t even draw a dragon until turn 5, and that’s where I already had lost the game. Stuff like holding Netherspite Historian in your hand without drawing any dragons can be a brutal feeling. Because of this, I tried to include many underwhelming dragons, ranging from Faerie Dragon to Twilight Guardian. I don’t usually use Twilight Guardian for its effect, since I haven’t encountered that many aggro decks in wild yet. In a case if this would keep on happening, I would remove one Twilight Guardian and tech in a Nightmare Amalgam. That way, its a 3 mana 3/4 Dragon minion.

There are also horrible match ups against this deck. I’ve had horrible experiences with Druid. Their removals along with their armor gain makes it hard for you to clear the game fast before they draw all of their combo pieces. If you’re running into too many combo druids, I’d recommend taking out an Excavated Evil and tech in Mossy Horror. That card will get its job done against Spreading Plague. Resurrect Priests are fairly annoying to play against. Since this deck doesn’t have too many removals, it will definitely be a challenge to go through their deck.

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