Gaming: Hearthstone Wild Giants (Archived 2017)

This is when Wild started to get crazy.

Recently, a Reddit user noticed the change Naga Sea Witch had offered with the latest patch. Before the patch, Naga Sea Witch would strictly just make ALL cards cost 5, despite if it had a discount before. Now, with the recent patch, Naga Sea Witch makes all cards costs to 5, THEN the discounts can kick in. So basically what this means is that if you’re at 25 health or lower, then after you play Naga Sea Witch, you can play a Molten Giant for 0 cost. The same effect applies to Sea Giant, Clockwork Giant, Mountain Giant, Arcane Giant, and Frost Giant. A Blizzard employee commented on the post and said that it was an intentional change but was forgotten to mention in the patch notes. Classic Blizzard.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the new Giants meta.

Because of this new discovery, you can bet your ass that these Giants deck were everywhere in the Wild ladder. Most notably, two classes work extremely well with the Giants combo: Hunter and Druid. I tried out two different decks for both Hunter and Druid Class and so far, Hunter is by far the most superior one out of all of them. Druid was kind of clunky with the deck. My attempt at a Druid Giants deck is pictured below.

As you can see, I did extremely poorly with this deck. I mean sure yeah , Druids have a lot of ramp and drawing cards, but it’s still not as fast as Hunters. Compared to Hunters, my games as Druids lasted around 8-10 mins average, where an average game as a Hunter deck was 5 minutes for me. I relied too much ramping up my mana and drawing the last piece of combo. The “dream” combo with this deck was playing Loatheb, then Naga Sea Witch, and just dropping all of your Giants all at once. A 10 mana combo that requires at least 5 cards in your hand to work. I then decided that Loatheb was just too slow for the Giants meta. Aviana works well with this deck too but relying on another piece of combo is just bad in the late game. Usually, by the time I draw my combo pieces, I’m either dead the next turn or just end up surrending the game. I then felt discouraged and didn’t want to play Wild again, until I saw Kripparian made a similar Hunter Giants deck like DaneHS. The decklist is pictured below.

Deck List

The reason why this deck works much much better than the Druid version is for a couple of reasons. First off, King’s Elekk is a strong card that is guaranteed to win you almost any joust, so it’s basically a free “draw your giants” card. Tracking also works well too, but the idea of discarding some cards that you might need later on is bad. But the point of this game is to quickly draw Naga Sea Witch and your Giants. Lastly, Stitched Tracker is an amazing card alone. Discovering a copy of your minions, potentially another copy of Naga Sea Witch or any Giants is extreme value.

I played this deck from Rank 20 all the way until Rank 12, and that only took me 4 hours to do so. I had an extremely high win rate at first, it was around 12-2 when I first started playing. I played 50 matches with this deck and my outcome was 35-15, about a 70% win-rate average for this deck. That is a pretty high win-rate for any deck like this.


According to my Hearthstone Deck Tracker stats, an average game lasted about 4.4 minutes long with my Hunter deck. That’s fairly faster than your average Pirate Warrior decks. Funny enough, I’ve lost to 4 warriors during my ladder experience and they were all Pirate Warriors. They just had crazy openers whenever I queued into a Warrior.

I’ve certainly never played Hearthstone for longer than 1 hour max. Unless it’s for grinding out daily gold with Tavern Brawls, but usually I don’t play too much Hearthstone. I just decided to play this deck around 11PM PST and finished my 50 games in like 4 hours or so.


This deck is fairly simple. You ALWAYS keep a Naga Sea Witch in hand, but mulligan for Tracking, King’s Elekk, or Stitched Tracker.

If you’re facing Aggro decks like Paladin or Warriors or Druids, then I would suggest keeping a Eaglehorn Bow in your starting mulligan.

If you’re facing against Midrange Hunter/Paladin decks, always keep a King’s Elekk and a Eaglehorn Bow in hand.

If you’re facing against any Mages in particular, keep a Flare in hand. Trust, nothing’s more beautiful than watching someone concede after you destroy their Ice Blocks.

Priests are kind of a hard matchup. The times I’ve played against Priests were all Reno-Kazakus Priest decks. They’re always going to keep a Shadow Word: Death or Lightbomb in hand so what I recommend is getting as much damage out as possible in the early game with King’s Elekk, Mad Scientist, and Eaglehorn Bow.

Playing against Shamans and Warlocks are fairly simple. Hard mulligan for a Naga Sea Witch, King’s Elekk, and Stitched Tracker. The worst card that shamans can play are Hex. Devolve shouldn’t be a big problem, since it’ll basically still give your Giants an average of 7/7 stats. Warlocks are an easy win if you play your combo down before they can Twisting Nether by Turn 7 + Coin or Turn 8.



As you can tell, I easily won this game by Turn 5. If you have all of the right cards in your hand, you can easily win games by Turn 4-6. Matches like these always depend on drawing the right cards/getting a good mulligan. Pictured below is an example of a pretty good hand to start off with. In my opening hand, I had a Stitched Tracker, Naga Sea Witch, Tracking, and I drew a Clockwork Giant.


Turn 1 Tracking always depends on what card do you need the most. If you already have a Naga Sea Witch and a couple of Giants in your hand, then the only cards you need to survive until Turn 5. I chose King’s Elekk because I want to draw some more of my Giants in order to close out the game faster.

Pictured above is a game that I finally won against Freeze Mage. I could have easily shut the game down if he/she didn’t freeze my giants 4 times in a row. Because the amount of Freeze Mages that I’ve run up against in ladder, teching in a Deadly Shot and Flare helps you win the game almost by a landslide. No one sees Flare coming. I could’ve easily punished myself for playing all of my giants in one turn. If I didn’t had an answer to deal with Doomsayer, I would have no way of winning the game. I do remember that not a lot of Freeze Mages run Flamestrike in the deck, so I took the chance and just dropped all my minions on the board just to pressure my opponent. When I made sure that he didn’t have any freeze cards left, I played Flare and moments later my opponent conceded the game.

Ahh, this game was extremely extremely annoying to play against. It was basically a Jade Druid deck that didn’t really draw its Jade Cards. The highest Jade that my opponent summoned was a 6/6. I was also super low on life, so I had to take a chance and skip playing my combo cards and just played DK Rexxar. Luckily my opponent didn’t draw any Swipes or Living Roots so I was able to stay for another couple of turns. I then dropped all of my combo down and was sure that I had closed the game next turn. Unfortunately, my opponent was holding a Spreading Plague and Mark of the Lotus in hand so it delayed another turn. After I got through the wall, my opponent top decked another Spreading Plague along with a Mark of the Lotus. Spending 2 of my turns just to get through his wall really slowed me down. I could’ve easily died to 2 Swipes. But luckily, after I got rid of the second wall, my opponent ended up conceding the match.

I had to come back here and update one of my recent gameplay. And judging by the picture above. I FINALLY WON AGAINST A WARRIOR DECK. I’m not going to lie but, my opponent made some weird choices that usually Pirate Warriors don’t make at all. My opponent always traded his pirate minions into my King’s Elekk or Stitched Tracker. I wasn’t sure why he/she did so. He/she definitely made alot of horrible plays during the first couple of turns. I still thought that I had no hope of winning the game. I had almost all of my giants in my hand but couldn’t draw or discover Naga Sea Witch in time. I really tried my best to dug for Naga Sea Witch ASAP because I knew that when I was playing against a Warrior, I only have a few turns to either make or break the game. From around turn 3-5, my opponent actually went face this time and didn’t trade with any of my minions. I was down to 15 health with a 6/4 Frothing Berserker on the field. I ended up top decking a Naga Sea Witch and dropped all of my Giants down and watched my opponent concede.

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